Girls That Scuba Join Team Ninja In Cabo San Lucas For Unforgettable Diving Event

On July 28th Dive Ninja Expeditions teamed up with Girls That Scuba for an amazing day of diving in Cabo San Lucas celebrating women kicking ass in the dive industry! Check out Donna’s report from this awesome day!  

For our special month, dedicated to women divers, we held one of the most amazing and inspiring events of the year. Dive Ninja Expeditions collaborated with the incredible Sarah Richard to create one of the best Girls That Scuba dive days ever! With 39 women divers, 6 motivating presentations, fun, educational activities, games, food, drinks and high energies this day was like no other.

We started off meeting at the Nautilus Dive Tech facility in Cabo San Lucas, where everyone got to join Mari Munoz of Sea Peace Yoga for a morning stretch before meeting and preparing for the women’s only dive. The excitement grew as the schedule and dive briefings were given. Everybody could feel this is going to be a day to remember. When the 4 boats left the marina of Cabo San Lucas with 32 girls on board the spirits were high and electricity was in the air.

dive briefing aboard the Quino el Guardian
school of mobula rays in cabo san Lucas

Let’s Go Diving!

Pelican Rock dive site was the perfect pick for our scuba dive in Cabo San Lucas. After group photos, we split into smaller dive teams, each led by one of Cabo’s great female dive instructors- Laura Tyrrell, founder of Cabo Private Guide, Karen Bradfield, founder of Adventures in Baja, Marie Maenss of Scuba Caribe and Dive Ninja’s very own, Donna Schechter. Just as we started swimming, a massive school of Mobula rays appeared, literally out of the blue, and hundreds of rays passed by as if to join this beautiful and awesome Girls That Scuba dive. A thrilling and awe inspiring experience.

Luckily, we had with us some super talented photographers to catch all the crazy, wonderful, exhilarating and fun underwater moments of our women’s dive. The incredible Dave Valencia, Pepe Jara, Frida Lara and Dive Ninja Expeditions founder, Jay Clue helped cherish and share the most memorable bits of this unmatched day. Definitely check out the photo gallery below!

Girls That Ninja

Back at the dive shop, pizzas and sandwiches filled everyone’s bellies, and we all dived head first into the fascinating opening talk, presented by Gaby Lopez, co-founder of Zero Waste Los Cabos, a non-profit organization led by 3 amazing women who work to find solutions, educate, and collect waste in the area, to try and give a better future and conserve the natural environment of Los Cabos.

The second presentation, made by Dora Sandoval, owner and founder of Mexico Liveaboards, empowered and inspired us all to believe in ourselves and pursue our dreams, even if they seem far fetched. With a unique and interesting life story, Dora showed us that if you want something passionately enough, you can overcome any obstacle and fulfill your greatest goals.

Next came Katia Silva from Cabo Trek, a whale researcher and marine biologist. She showed us the beauty of the Humpback whales that frequent Cabo San Lucas during the winters. Her research and work on building a database of whales, and her collaborations with other whale watchers from North America helps understanding the migration seasons and habits of the Humpbacks and promotes conservation, education and community involvement.

Diving with False Killer Whales in Revillagigedo Mexico
Regi Domingo, founder of Nakawe Project speaking at the Girls That Ninja dive day in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

After these three fascinating talks, came the time for some refreshments, activities and games. Laura gave us the chance to try out sidemount diving in the pool, educational games about marine life and habits were organized by the awesome female scientists of Pelagios Kakunja and Gaby showed us how we can make our own self-sustainable, zero waste toothpaste.

Now we were ready to get back into more empowering and insightful presentations. Dr. Frida Lara from the research group Pelagios Kakunja taught us about her research on shark passageways between the Galapagos islands of Ecuador, the Cocos islands in Costa Rica and the Revillagigedo Archipelago/Socorro islands in Mexico. An enticing study that shows the importance of marine reserves and protected water areas for the shark population in the Central Pacific ocean.

Our 5th presenter was the remarkable activist and environmentalist Regi Domingo, founder of Nakawe Project, who spent the last 6 years learning and experiencing fishing habits first hand in different countries in Latin America. She is working on a compelling documentary describing her journey and actions for ocean conservation. She also guides wildlife encounter tours with Pelagic Safari and works to promote and educate sustainable fishing practices.

Last but definitely not the least, we heard the amazing and inspiring story of Girls That Scuba founder, Sarah Richard. Her experiences as a female scuba diving professional got her to create the largest, all women, scuba diving community that empowers, enriches and supports women divers all around the world. Without her we wouldn’t have been able to have this magnificent day.

For our dinner, we had a yummy Mexican BBQ. Tacos, salsas, veggies and carne asada  were accompanied by drinks and music. To finish off our fabulous day, we held a raffle with some exciting prizes- diving and whale watching tours, shark diving expeditions, courses, travel vouchers and merchandise. All the money raised was donated to the non-profit organizations that participated in the event.  

Sarah Richard founder of Girls That Scuba speaking at the Girls That Ninja day in Cabo San Lucas
Scuba girls silky shark diving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This unforgettable event wouldn’t have been half as good without the collaboration of so many different organizations and businesses. We at Dive Ninja Expeditions want to thank everyone who helped, prepared, presented, guided, taught, organized, contributed and donated time and money to this event. Thank you Nautilus Dive Tech, Cabo Trek, Pelagic Safari, Mexico Liveaboards and Scuba Caribe. And, of course, all the beautiful and incredible women that attended and joined us on the best Girls That Scuba event yet. We celebrate you all and wish to see you again soon, hopefully under the water.

Girls That Scuba is the largest women’s dive community in the world, and holds diving events for women divers all around the globe. For more information and joining this special group check out the Girls That Scuba website, or join their pages on social media. If you want to learn more about diving in Cabo San Lucas and Baja California,  our personalized dive tours and worldwide dive expeditions, contact us at Dive Ninja Expeditions.