Halloween Haunted Night Dive in Cabo San Lucas

Join us for a special evening of Halloween night diving fun to help support Mobula ray conservation in Baja!

Dive Ninja is excited to announce the 2022 dates of our annual Halloween Haunted Night Dive in Cabo San Lucas! Join us on October 30, 2022 for a special halloween night dive with all proceeds being donated to support the devils of Baja… No, not those devils! We’re talking about our favorite floppy sea pancakes, the devil rays! We’ll be donating all profits from this special event to help support the conservation and research of Mobula rays in Baja through our good friends and long time partners at Mobula Conservation Project.

Event Info:

We’ll meet up at Dive Ninjas at 5pm to head out on the boat to watch the beautiful baja sun set into the Pacific Ocean while having some delicious halloween snacks & refreshments. Then it’s off to the Cabo Marine Park for a special night dive with our Ninja guides. Don’t forget your halloween costume too! If you come in costume you’ll receive a 20% discount on the dive as well as discounts on rental gear. We’ll have a photographer on board to capture all the halloween laughs and mischief too! Plus we’ll be giving away prizes for the best costumes and more!

When: October 30, 2022 at 5pm
Where: Dive Ninjas
Tickets:  $95 per diver or $45 for Baja locals

Halloween Night Dive in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Mobula ray conservation in Baja California Sur Mexico

About Mobula Conservation

Mobula Conservation Project  is an awesome initiative co-founded by 3 incredible female scientists working to better understand and protect Mobula Rays. Co-founders Marta D. Palacios, Melissa Cronin, and Nerea Lezama Ochoa came together to form the project just a few years ago and it’s remarkable the impact they have already driven for our devil ray friends. From collecting worlds largest repositories of Mobula tissue for studying population structures, to creating the first code of conduct for Mobula ray tourism, training fishermen to work in ecotourism, developing a program for understanding the economic value of Mobula rays, and even identifying the first ever nursery for a Mobula species! Their work takes a 3 form approach covering Mobula ray research for conservation, developing effective solutions for lowering fisheries impacts, and connecting people to science through multiple outreach and citizen science programs – such as Dive Ninja’s annual Mobula Ray conservation expeditions in Baja. The team has grown from 3 to over 10 in just a few short years with a wealth of incredible projects, as well as becoming an affiliate project of Manta Trust and the Walker Munk Foundation. Dive Ninja will be donating all profits from this years event to Mobula Conservation in hopes of further the critically important work they are doing to protect one of our favorite species. So join us this halloween to help out an amazing cause and have some good halloween fun at the same time!