Dive Ninja PADI Divemaster course & internship in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Ninja PADI Divemaster Course in Sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Baja sun beams down where the rugged desert mountains meet the rich turquoise sea; a convergence of three essential elements that creates the endless opportunities for adventure on this rugged peninsula. Fire, Earth, and Water. Fire forges professionalism, earth builds ocean ambassadors, and water builds ninja-level skill proficiency. These three essential elements form the foundation of a truly great divemaster.   When knowledge and experience are built upon this foundation by a dedicated team of mentors who have the tools to shape you into the best diver, ocean ambassador, and human you can be, the opportunities are endless. A diver who knows what it means to be a professional, and how to use their position to initiate positive change is a true asset to any dive operation or team. 

Join us for our Ninja PADI Divemaster mentorship program in Cabo San Lucas – where the Sea of Cortez meets the mighty Pacific Ocean, home to 1/3 of the world’s marine mammals, sharks, rays, and so much more.  Learn from the wealth of knowledge our instructors have acquired from their experiences all over the world, and stand out from the thousands of divemaster candidates out there! Sign up now or read on for more info.

Shaping Professionals

Diving with great hammerheads in Bimini, The Bahamas. Photo by Jay Clue, Dive Ninja Expeditions

Although the PADI Divemaster course is the most widely accepted pro-level training program in the world, without real world application and the right people to advise you, your training will be rather conventional in a consistently unconventional industry. Theory and skill training are just a small part of the transition from recreational diver to professional diver. Throughout the internship you will gain experience in all aspects of operating a dive business including sales, reservations, equipment maintenance, tour operations, logistics, filling tanks, designing eco-tours, and of course, diving. As a part of our team, you will learn to work in remote areas, build your resume, market yourself in the industry, and develop additional skills such as photography and/or videography. You will be taught to the same standards that we hold our own Ninja Team to in our everyday operations, locally and on remote expeditions, so that you will be an MVP wherever your career might take you.

Become an Ocean Ambassador

As a leader in the ecotourism industry, this is our specialty. Based on our years of experience cultivating citizen-science experiences, working with local researchers, and transitioning communities to ecotourism, we have built  a conservation-based program unlike any other divemaster course out there. 

Join our collective of like-minded ocean conservationists to learn what it takes to be a true ecotourism operator from sourcing locally, to reducing waste, partnering with local operators, educating local communities, implementing sustainable regulations, supporting researchers, involving guests in conservation efforts, designing eco-tours, and so much more. Our conservation workshops will give you the tools to initiate positive change wherever you decide to go. Learning to work in diving while minimizing our impact on the environment we work in is what will determine the future of this industry and the health of our oceans as a whole. The more ambassadors who are impassioned by the captivating seas and equipped with the right tools, the better chance we have of saving this incredible underwater world that gives so many of us purpose and community.

Bimini Big Game Club

Achieve Ninja-Level Skills

Shark research trip to Bimini Bahamas
  1. Whatever your diving proficiency when you arrive, we will work with you to perfect it to ninja level standards. We don’t mean just the skills outlined in the PADI curriculum. Diving should become second nature, so natural in fact, that you can anticipate, respond, and fix problems before they even happen, like a stealthy ninja. We have a buoyancy workshop designed for technical divers, but geared towards professional candidates to fine tune buoyancy, and a fail-proof marine creature identification  workshop for pros to learn the fish of the area you are working in (a must for impressing your guests and earning tips)! Our deep pool is perfect for polishing skills until they are ninja-level performance quality, and our dive sites are varied to give you experience leading different types of dives in various conditions. After every dive/tour, you will follow-up with the mentor to discuss what to improve upon for the next dive, and how to anticipate scenarios.You won’t be a student, nor a shop slave, but a team member in training with a family of wise ninjas to guide you.

What’s The Cost?




4-6 Weeks

Course Availability:

All year. Any start date.

Zero to Hero Packages:

What’s Included:

Full PADI Divemaster course, 10+ specialized ninja workshops, PADI O2 Provider & PADI Equipment speciality courses, all divemaster training (theory, pool, & ocean sessions), divemaster internship and more!

Not Included:

Divemaster crew pack, PADI membership fee, & rental gear

Start Your Journey Today

Your ticket to the world awaits. Join us in beautiful Baja to start your career in diving and conservation. What are you waiting for? 

Welcome to Los Cabos

Project AWARE Shark Conservation course in Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Dive Ninja Expeditions Mobula expedition in Baja California Sur
Scuba diving with sea lions in Cabo San Lucas
freediving with schools of Mobula Rays in Mexico
PADI Project AWARE Sea Turtle Awareness Distinctive Specialty course in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Shark research trip to Bimini Bahamas

Our small passionate dive community is fortunate enough to be immersed in a town that has all the amenities of a big city, but remote beaches with wild donkeys are just a stone’s throw away.  You can find every type of food, landscape, and culture within walking distance in this land of contrasts characterized by its low cost of living and equally low crime rates. The Los Cabos International Airport is just a forty minute drive through the Sierra De Laguna mountains to our dive shop in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas.  An UNESCO World Heritage Site and Marine Park lies right in our backyard with sealions, whales, sharks, baitballs, rays, nudibranchs, and tons of other species that call these waters home at certain times of the year. Some dive and freediving sites are accessible right from the beach, others just a 10 minute boat ride away. Our local captains have over 25 years of experience in this area as well as the industry itself, thus safety is their top priority. As each new season brings different animals migrating through these rich waters, making  diving and exploring Cabo exciting all year long.

Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation course in Cabo San Lucas Mexico
mobula ray jumping from the water in the Sea of Cortez Cabo
PADI Rescue Diver Course Cabo San Lucas
humpback whale breaching in Tonga
Striped Marlin tours in Bahia Magdalena with Dive Ninja Expeditions

Why Train With Team Ninja?

We started as a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for sharing and protecting the incredible marine ecosystems that exist right here in Baja through ecotourism. Using our platform, we want to empower more dive professionals with the best tools to fight for this blue planet we all know and love. 

At the forefront of exploration, conservation, and diver training in Baja, Dive Ninjas’ offers you access to the most mind-blowing experiences and career building opportunities during your time here. We have operations in the Unesco World Heritage Site of Cabo Pulmo, Whale Shark Sanctuary of La Paz,  as well as seasonal expeditions with makos, blue sharks, mobulas, multiple species of whales, and striped marlin. Additional training from nitrox to tec diving is also available at greatly discounted prices for our divemaster candidates. Whatever your diving aspirations, our team of passionate instructors will help you to achieve them!

Shark research trip in Bimini Bahamas

Meet Your Ninja Mentors

During your time with us, you will have the unique opportunity to work with all of our Ninja Go Pro Instructors, each of whom bring unique knowledge and expertise from their experiences living and diving all over the world. Feel free to send us a message to discuss your specific training goals. 

PADI Platinum Course Director / Tec Instructor / Cave Instructor
Aitor is a world renown instructor with a wealth of experience. Over the years he has built a reputation for being a kind and experienced mentor, knowing how to support each unique student on their professional development journey.
PADI Scuba Instructor / Freediving Instructor / Expedition Leader
Donna is a citizen of the world, teaching, training, and gaining experience from all over the globe. With more than 2,000 dives, and countless free dives, she has spent more time in the water than out these past few years (except for mandatory ice cream breaks, of course).
Jay Clue
Tec Trimix Instructor / Master Instructor / Explorer
Jay brings a wealth of experience & a packed resume of accolades, ambassadorships and certifications to your course. He's a lover of pancakes, an award winning photographer, avid conservationist & explorer with over 7000 dives under his belt from all over the world.

Your Ticket to the World Awaits

We run courses all year around, there are no set start dates or end dates. We will work with you and your schedule. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and lets get started!