Shark Mythbusters #2 Are you eating shark?

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ūü¶ą Shark Mythbusters ūü¶ą Myth #2: If¬†You Don't Eat Shark Fin Soup, You Are Not Consuming Shark Products. Shark advocates all over the world are shaming asian countries for their cultural delicacy: shark fin soup.¬† Yet, do you know what your fish and chips are really made of? How about [...]

Special Online PADI Divemaster Program

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Announcing a Special Online PADI Divemaster Starter Pack Team Ninja is proud to announce that we are now offering our new conservation-based divemaster program online for a limited time! No matter where you are, what you are doing, or how much time you have available, you can get started on your journey to becoming a dive professional [...]

Ocean Conservation From The Couch

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Get Involved: Ocean Conservation from the Couch It's more important than ever to understand that we can take action for our oceans right from our computers and phones in our very living rooms.  No matter our age, experience, or geographical location, together we can be the voices for all the incredible creatures that [...]

Special Online Coral Reef Conservation Course

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Announcing a Special Online Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Course Team Ninja is proud to announce a new way for you to be close to the ocean while stuck at home.  Learn how you can sign up and get involved! Team Ninja is going digital to bring the ocean [...]

Mobula Ray Expeditions Trip Report – June 2019

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Mobula Ray Expeditions Trip Report, June 2019 Our Ninja instructor Donna guided our two incredible Mobula Ray Expeditions. In this trip report, she tells us about her and the guests experiences. Introductions Our 2 mobula expeditions were based in La Paz, each was 5 days long. And each day, [...]

Dive Ninjas is the First Ally for Dolphins Operator In Baja

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Dive Ninjas joins Ally for Dolphins to Redefine Ecotourism Team Ninja is proud to announce that we have just become the first Ally for Dolphins certified ecotourism operator in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Learn what that means for you as a consumer and how you can swim with WILD dolphins! [...]

Striped Marlin Trip Report – November 2019

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Striped Marlin Trip Report November 2019 The action of last season's marlin expedition in Baja California through the eyes of one of our guests. Read all about Ellen's experience above and below the water last November in Magdalena Bay with Dive Ninjas. Traveling Ninja Style Looking down from the [...]

Introducing Ocean Stories

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Ocean Stories: Connecting us all through our love for the Ocean Feeling disconnected and far from the ocean and all of your salty friends during this isolating time? Well, we have a solution! We have created a platform to connect us all to those working at the forefront of ocean conservation. Find out how [...]

How do you know a business is TRUE eco-tourism

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How do you know a business is TRUE eco-tourism? Given the current environmental problems we can all pretty much agree that we are facing a crisis. That is not something we want to think about when making plans for our next vacation. But you can help when planning your next holiday by considering [...]

Eco Whale Watching – the Dive Ninja Difference

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Eco Whale Watching - the Dive Ninja Difference True eco tourism is the heart of Dive Ninja Expeditions.  We aspire to create unique experiences for our guests, that are thrilling and memorable, and at the same time educates, and helps to protect the incredible marine ecosystem we love. Here, we discuss how we [...]