2 ocean dives – Discover Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas

About the Discover Scuba Diving

Take your first plunge into the underwater world and discover if diving suits you!

This short beginner course focuses on handling scuba gear, ensuring safety, and embracing the fun.

Pelican Rock stands out as our go-to spot for Discover Scuba Diving courses, offering a shallow sandy bottom ideal for those new to diving.

With abundant fish to marvel at, enjoyment is guaranteed, hopefully sparking a deep passion for the ocean!

  • 2 Ocean Dives
    Cabo San Lucas Marine Park

  • Duration
    5 hours to 6 hours

  • Starting time
    Every day 7:15 am or 12:15 pm

  • Group size
    Max 2 divers per guide

Reserve your spot


$195 USD

Per Person

Professional, knowledgeable instructor


Vegetarian Burrito Snack


Diving Gear, Tank, Weights

Check out our pool training in option!

  • $50 Pool session
    Practice all the skills in a controlled environment before heading out to the sea.
  • $100 Private Instructor
    Private Ninja instructor up to 4 divers
Experience a whole new world for a day with our Discover Scuba Diving program! It gives you everything you need to safely explore what lies beneath and get you excited for more underwater adventures.

Itinerary & schedule
With pool session
● 10 am. Meeting at the Dive Ninja HQ in Cabo San Lucas
● 12:00 pm. Lunch break (meal not included)
● 1:00 pm. 2 ocean dives
● 4:30-5:00 pm. Back at Dive Ninja HQ.

Dives without a pool session
● 12:30 pm. Meeting at the Dive Ninja HQ in Cabo San Lucas
● 1:00 pm: Shallow water practice
● 1:30 pm. 2 ocean dives
● 5:00 pm. Back at Dive Ninja HQ.

What to bring ?
It’s recommended that divers bring their own Reef Safe Sunscreen, Swimwear and towel. Warmer clothes and windbreakers during the winter season might be necessary.

Health & safety
All participants will be required to complete a health questionnaire prior to diving. Some pre-existing medical conditions (e.g., asthma, heart conditions, etc.) may prevent you from diving. Please, consult your doctor.
Free cancelation
The deposit will be refunded in case of a cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the activity. However, if a reservation is canceled within 48 hours of your activity, your payment will be forfeited. Read our Terms and Conditions
Contact Us
If you have any questions or would prefer to register via phone or email you can contact us directly at 973-619-9976 in the US, +52 624-177-4661 in Mexico, or via email at [email protected]

Diving Safety
Our diving tours are led by experienced instructors. Diving safety and respect of the standards are our top priorities at Dive Ninja. Additionally, first aid and a decompression chamber are located a short distance away.

Scuba Diving Insurance
We highly recommend that any diver/traveler obtains travel and dive insurance for their trip. Through our partnership with DAN, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage. Click here to purchase

Should I book a refresher course ?
A scuba refresher course is recommended if you haven’t been diving for the past 6 months, or if you don’t feel comfortable with your diving skills.

Flying after diving?
Avoid diving within 18 hours of flying. Sufficient surface intervals and safe diving procedures are followed during our diving trips.
Scuba divers in Cabo San Lucas

Marine Life of Cabo San Lucas

Within Cabo San Lucas Marine Park, a diverse array of marine life thrives amidst stunning reefs. Schools of jacks and snappers, along with turtles, eagle rays, octopuses, moray eels, nudibranchs, seahorses and a lively colony of sea lions, inhabit its waters.

Various shark species, such as silkies, makos and white tips, also reside here. Dolphins frequent the area regularly, while mobulas, humpback whales, and even orcas have been spotted on occasion.

Consult our Marine Life calendar for more insights into seasonal sightings.

What is the PADI Discover Scuba Diving ?

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving is an introductory program to see if you enjoy diving and want to pursue certification. Though not a certification itself, it teaches basic skills and gives you credits to continue your scuba education.

Begin with theory and safety briefings, followed by shallow water practice in the sea or optional pool session. Then embark for two open ocean dives to experience real diving conditions. Throughout, you will dive up to 12 meters (40 feet) under close instructor supervision.

Scuba diver Underwater having fun !
Diving instructor with students in Cabo San Lucas

Who the Discover Scuba Diving experience is for ?

The Discover Scuba Diving course is for anyone 10 years old and beyond looking to connect with the underwater world. The program is also perfect for those who hesitate to enroll in the Open Water course and want to test the waters first!

There are no swimming skill requirements or prior diving experience needed, PADI only asks that participants fill out a medical questionnaire prior to the activity to ensure they are fit for diving.

Your scuba diving instructor

At Dive Ninja, our commitment is to deliver top-quality teaching with experienced instructors who prioritize safety and uphold PADI standards.

Our passionate team shares a love for the ocean, welcoming every guest with personalized service. We strive to create inspiring memories for our awesome ninja guests and students while protecting the oceans we love. With Dive Ninja, you can dive worry-free, knowing our safety record is spotless.

Why choose Dive Ninja Expeditions?

Our team at Dive Ninja believes in quality over quantity. We’re passionate about the ocean and love to share this passion with our guests. Dive Ninja provides personalized service, designed to showcase the best of Cabo San Lucas and Baja California in small groups, while providing a high level of safety and thought put into them.