Special Edition Online Diving & Conservation Courses

When you can’t come to us, we come to you!  During these unprecedented times, Team Ninja is offering you a chance to take advantage of this time we have out of the water to advance your dive skills & learn more about marine conservation from home. Don’t waste time on your next dive vacation studying, do it now while you are stuck at home, so you spend more time underwater on your next adventure!  PADI has adapted some of their dry courses for these quarantined times for a limited time only so that our instructors can teach these courses through our online Ocean Stories platform, and you can receive your certification card in the mail right way, all for a discounted price! Meet other divers like you in our virtual classroom sessions, or contact us today to schedule a 1-1 session anytime! Check out the schedule for upcoming group courses, or scroll down for full descriptions on each course we have available! Interested in a course, but dont see it on the schedule? Just give us a shout and we can set up a date that works for you. You can also grab a gift card for someone special and give the gift of ocean love!

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Anytime! PADI Shark Conservation Specialty
 [Learn how you can help protect sharks!]
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Anytime! PADI Whale Defender Speciality
 [Become a Whale Conservationist!]
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Anytime! PADI Coral Conservation Speciality
 [Become a Coral Reef Expert!]
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PADI Project AWARE Shark Conservation Course in Los Cabos MexicoPADI Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation course in Los Cabos Mexico

Project AWARE Shark Conservation Course

Love sharks? Scared of sharks? Or do you just want to know more about them? Sharks are an essential part of a healthy ocean. The Project AWARE Shark Conservation course explores why they are vulnerable, the importance of a healthy shark population, managing threats and how to take action to protect them. You’ll discover the value of sharks to marine ecosystems and economies. You’ll learn more about the causes of declining shark populations and the actions you can take to become a knowledgeable and passionate shark defender. By being informed, you can dispel misconceptions and act to protect sharks. Sharks need you!

NOTE: To gain the PADI certification for this course you will need to complete 2 dives with us in the future. You can do the dives in Cabo or on any of our trips. There is also an option to take the theory portion of this course only to receive a certificate, but you will not receive a certification card unless you complete the mandatory dives later. 
 3 hours*
Cost: Online portion only: $130. Full PADI course: $290
Includes: Ninja instructor, Shark Conservation study guide, certification fee, special Project AWARE PADI certification card*, and a donation in your honor to help fund Project AWARE’s hard work protecting our oceans.
Prerequisites: PADI (junior) Open Water Diver or equivalent and at least 12 years old.
Please note that the price of this course does not include the 2 dives you will need to complete for certification. We are offering this special discount price for the theory portion of the course. You would need to schedule & pay for the diving portion whenever is convenient for you. This could be also finished on one of our Ninja trips or expeditions (then your dives wouldn’t cost any extra since they are already included in the trip price).

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Dive Ninja PADI Whale Defender Conservation Course in Cabo San Lucas MexicoWhale Conservation course in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

PADI Whale Defender: Whale Conservation Specialty Course

Once feared by sailors as sea monsters they now captivate the hearts and minds of so many of us. They are remarkable creatures. From the largest animal to have ever lived on earth, to their hauntingly beautiful songs, incredible migrations, playful calfs, and some even going out of their way to protect other species from harm.  Our mammalian ocean cousins need our help. The Dive Ninja Whale Defender – Whale Conservation course explores the complex intertwined history of humans & whales, as well as why whales are important for healthy oceans, threats they face, and how you can help protect these incredible ocean giants. You’ll learn about whale biology & evolution as well as citizen science projects you can get involved in right now and so much more. Join Team Ninja and become a whale defender today.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $130 USD
Includes: Ninja instructor,  special edition PADI Whale Conservation Specialty certification card, and a donation in your honor to help fund Project Aware’s hard work protecting our oceans.
Prerequisites: None. Course is open to everyone. All ages, divers & non divers.
Next Course Date: Contact us to schedule!

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PADI Project AWARE Sea Turtle Awareness Conservation Course PADI Project AWARE Sea Turtle Awareness Conservation Course

Sea Turtle Awareness Project Aware Course

Sea turtles are one of our planets most incredible creatures. Whether it be their mind-blowing migrations, their natural instinct to head to open ocean from their first breath or so many more remarkable facts about these amazing ninjas. The PADI Project AWARE Sea Turtle Awareness Distinctive Specialty course introduces you to sea turtle biology, identification, and conservation. This online course counts towards the theory portion of your full certification. Then when you are able, join us in Cabo, Baja, or on one of our international trips to complete the in water skills for the PADI certification. Even better, join us for some dives and then a visit to the Baja’s protected turtle nesting grounds to see these little ninjas hatch and begin their incredible journey into the ocean.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: Online portion only: $130 USD, or Full PADI certification course: $290
Includes: Ninja instructor, learning materials, a donation in your honor to help fund Project AWARE’s hard work protecting our oceans, and a theory certification.
Prerequisites: Open to both snorkelers & certified divers that are at least 10 years old

NEXT COURSE: Contact us to schedule a date & time!

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