Live Webinar Schedule

**A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT TUNED IN AND MADE OCEAN STORIES SUCH A SUCCESS! We are currently working on Season 2 to come in 2021. In the meantime check out all the episodes below for free anytime!**
This schedule will be updated regularly as we add more presenters and workshops, so please check back often! To sign up for any of the free talks just click the date of the talk or the ‘Register Now’ button for the presentation(s) you’d like to join. All the Ocean Stories talks are 100% FREE, suitable for all ages and open to all humans (and sharks too!).  We use Zoom for our presentations/webinars, and recommend downloading their free app for a better experience. Check out Zoom’s website for tutorials, FAQs. Interested in giving a talk or workshop at Ocean Stories? Give us a shout on Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Please note that all times are noted in Pacific Daylight Time (California’s time zone) and you must register for each talk you want to join (only takes a second). All talks are recorded, so if you can’t make it to a live talk you want to see you can check out the recording after by clicking the link.

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Watch The Episodes You Missed

Check out all the awesome Ocean Stories episodes you may have missed! Or watch your favorites again! You can watch them all online now for FREE! Just Click the date or Watch Recording link next to the presenter you’d like to see.

Date Presenter Topic Join Link
March 29 @ 10am PDT Jay Clue Welcome to Ocean Stories Watch Recording [FREE!]
March 30 @ 10am PDT Frida Lara The Bull Sharks of Cabo Pulmo Watch Recording [FREE!]
March 31 @ 10am PDT Jillian Morris Kids Session: Intro to Sharks
Special Sharks 4 Kids Webinar
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 1 @ 10am PDT Liz Parkinson Working with Sharks in Film & Conservation Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 3 @ 10am PDT Grace Marie Carr Sharks, Skates, & Rays of Ireland Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 4 @ 10am PDT Regina Domingo Marine Ecotourism & Environmental Awareness:
Nature as a Sustainable Resource
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 6 @ 10am PDT Pete Rodriguez Arana An Intro to Hammerheads Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 8 @ 10am PDT Lucrecia Fabre Freediving Breathing Workshop Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 8 @ 8pm PDT Jay Clue Exploring Baja: Makos, Marlin, & Mobulas
Special Webinar at Insider Academy!
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 9 @ 10am PDT Erick Higuera Revealing Baja
Orcas, Great Whites, Grey Whales & Striped Marlin 
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 10 @ 5pm PDT Simon Lorenz Shark Photography Workshop
Special Insider Divers Academy Workshop! 
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 11 @ 10am PDT Sarah Richard Is Diving Still a Mans World?
A look at the evolving dive industry
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 13 @ 10am PDT Maxwel Hohn Diving Off The Grid:
Discovering New Perspectives
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 14 @ 10am PDT Cristina Cortes Conservation Designers:
A coral reef adventure in the Mexican Caribbean
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 14 @ 12pm PDT Cristina Cortes Diseño para la Conservación:
Una aventura en los arrecifes de coral del Caribe Mexicano [en español]
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 15 @ 10am PDT Ellen Myers An Intro to Coral Reefs Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 17 @ 10am PDT Karen Fuentes Caribbean Manta Rays:
Research & Conservation
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 17 @ 12pm PDT Karen Fuentes Investigación y Conservación de mantarrayas en el Caribe Mexicano [en español] Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 18 @ 10am PDT Jay Clue A Dive Ninja Story:
3 Years of Adventure, Passion, & Conservation in Baja
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 18 @ 11.30am PDT Team Ninja Project AWARE: Coral Reef Conservation Course
Special PADI Certification Course [open to all ages]
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April 20 @ 10am PDT Matt Porteous Connecting an Ocean Community:
Collaborate, Connect, Inspire
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 21 @ 10am PDT Marta Cambra Agusti The Secret Life of Sharks in Costa Rica Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 22 @ 10am PDT Dive Ninjas Project AWARE Specialist (Intro to Ocean Conservation)
Special PADI Certification Course [open to all ages]
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April 23 @ 10am PDT Dora Sandoval Creating Young Ocean Heroes:
An Inspiring Story of the Heroes Del Mar project
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 24 @ 10am PDT Kenzo Kiren Following Your Passions:
The Power of Creativity & Connectivity
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 25 @ 10am PDT Gonzalo Araujo Whale Sharks
Understanding The Largest Fish in the Sea
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 25 @ 11.30am PDT Dive Ninjas PADI Nitrox Certification
Enriched Air Diver Online Course
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April 27 @ 10am PDT Annie Cardosa Zero Waste Oceans:
A zero waste approach to conservation
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 29 @ 10am PDT Afelandra Cibrián An Intro to Nudibranchs:
Identification, Awesome Facts & Current Research
Watch Recording [FREE!]
April 30 @ 10am PDT Richard Barnden Searching For Tiny Aliens
The incredible macro world of blackwater diving in Palau
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 1 @ 10am PDT Romina Bayer Exploring Indonesias Macro Life
Understanding & Photographing Macro Critters
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 2 @ 11.30am PDT Dive Ninjas Project AWARE: Coral Reef Conservation Course
Special PADI Certification Course [open to all ages]
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May 3 @ 8.00am PDT Dive Ninjas PADI Equipment Specialist Online Course
Learn all about scuba gear as well as buying tips & maintenance!
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May 4 @ 10am PDT Dr Mauricio Hoyos Great White Sharks:
The White Shark in Mexican Waters
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 5 @ 10am PDT Liz Parkinson Ocean Stories Coffee Break:
A new series of casual interviews with incredible humans!
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 7 @ 10am PDT Tania Pelamatti Shark & Ray Love:
A fun look at how sharks & rays reproduce.
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 8 @ 10am PDT Frida Lara & Jay Clue Mysteries of the Megalodon & The History of Sharks Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 9 @ 10am PDT Dive Ninjas PADI Project AWARE Shark Conservation Course
Learn how you can help our finned friends!
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May 11 @ 10am PDT Ted Cheeseman Humpback Whales:
An intro to humpbacks & the story of Happy Whale
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 12 @ 10am PDT Ricky Rebolledo Rescuing Marine Animals:
A look at the frontlines of rescuing whales & marine animals
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 15 @ 10am PDT Hiram Rosales Nanduca Challenges & Successes in the Conservation of Mexican Cetaceans:The Vaquita, Whales, & More Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 16 @ 9.00am PDT Dive Ninjas Whale Defender: – Whale Conservation Course
Special Ninja Online Course [open to all ages. divers & non divers]
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May 18 @ 10am PDT Marisol Rueda Flores The Mesoamerican Reef:
Monitoring our front yard.
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 19 @ 10am PDT Marta D. Palacios Mobula Rays of the Sea of Cortez:
Introduction, Conservation & Research
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 21 @ 10am PDT Martin Colognoli Coral Reef Conservation by Coral Guardian Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 21 @ 4:00 PM PDT Dive Ninjas PADI Introduction to Freediving Level 1
(12+ years old, no prior experience required)
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May 22 @ 10am PDT Jack Fishman Project AWARE:
Sharing Conservation with Dive Communities
Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 23 @ 9:00am PDT Dive Ninjas PADI Project AWARE: Whale Shark Conservation Course
[open to all ages]
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May 24 @ 9:00am PDT Dive Ninjas PADI Project AWARE: Coral Conservation Course
[open to all ages]
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May 28 @ 10am PDT Miriam Castro Uribe An Introduction to the Incredible World of Sea Turtles Watch Recording [FREE!]
May 29 @ 10am PDT Octavio Aburto A Photographic Journey:
Why you should care about the health of the oceans
Watch Recording [FREE!]
June 5 @ 10am PDT Dr Bob Rubin The Extraordinary Brains of Manta Rays:
Unlocking the secrets of consciousness & intelligence
Watch Recording [FREE!]
Sept 25, 2020 @ 8am PDT Sarah Richard Simple Sustainable Product Swaps to Save The Ocean
With the founder of A Waste Free World!
Watch Recording! (FREE)

What is Ocean Stories?

Ocean Stories is a series of free ‘Ted Talk’ style presentations and workshops that anyone is welcome attend. It comes from a project that Dive Ninjas founder, Jay Clue, has been working on building for the last few months and originally slated to launch this summer as a series of events in Cabo San Lucas to help support the great work our friends at Saving Los Cabos are doing. But with the current turn of events we thought it would be great if we could bring everyone currently stuck at home a little bit of sunshine and beautiful stories from the ocean directly into their living room! We reached out to our extended ninja family to see if anyone would be interested in giving online talks and the response has been overwhelmingly incredible!

The idea is to have a fun & casual way to connect to the ocean that we all love and miss through some awesome presenters from around the world, ranging from marine scientists, researchers, conservationists, photographers, and many more. Think of it as a platform to share the joy and beauty the oceans bring us with the rest of the world.  The webinars will take place live and include a Q&A session with each presenter after the talk. Each webinar will be around 45 minutes long so you can easily fit it into your day. They’re also kid friendly for the mini shark loving ninjas, and completely free of charge to everyone. You can find the registration link for each presentation above in the schedule. Please feel free to share it with your family, friends, students, or anyone else interested in learning about the ocean. We look forward to sharing these stories with everyone around the world!

A list of some of the upcoming presenters and topics can be found to the right. We’ll be updating this list often , so check back soon or catch us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!


Alex Kydd – Award Winning Photographer [Topic TBD]

Frida Lara – Shark Scientist [ The Bull Sharks of Cabo Pulmo ]

Liz Parkinson – Shark Conservationist [Working with Sharks in Film & Conservation]

Maxwel Hohn – BBC & Nat Geo Videographer [Topic TBD]

Pete Rodriguez – Shark Scientist [An Introduction to Hammerheads]

Regina Domingo – Conservationist/Founder, Nakawe Project [Nature as a Sustainable Resource]

Sarah Richard – Founder, Girls That Scuba [Topic TBD]

Marta Palacios – Marine Biologist [ Saving the Devil Rays of Baja ]

Lucrecia Fabre – Founder, Amancay Freediving [Freediver Breathing Workshop]

David Serradell – Photographer Backscatter/Nakawe Project [Topic TBD]

Grace Carr – Marine Biologist  [Sharks, Rays, & Skates of Ireland]

Matt Porteous – Photographer/Founder, Ocean Culture Life [Topic TBD]

Kenzo Kiren – Storyteller / High On Life [Topic TBD]

Jay Clue – Photographer/Conservationist [Exploring Baja California]