When is the best time to dive in Los Cabo and Baja California Sur, Mexico?

Los Cabos and Baja California Sur have some of the most diverse marine wildlife in the world. 39% of marine mammal species and more migratory marine animals then anywhere on the planet can be seen here. As the meeting point of the mighty Pacific Ocean and the rich Sea of Cortez, the water here hosts an abundant array of marine mammals, top predators, reef inhabitants and migratory pelagic animals. Every season has something special to see – Whales in the winter, Mobulas and sharks in spring and summer, bait balls and Marlins in fall. We always get asked when is the best time to dive in Baja. So, we created this Marine Wildlife Calendar according to our own experiences and exploration to help our ninja guests plan the best dive vacation and see the species they want to encounter. We update the Marine Wildlife Calendar regularly based on new sightings and encounters. But, be warned, once you see some of Baja’s wonders, you’ll always be coming back for more ;)

Check below for downloadable PDF Marine Wildlife Calendar

Download our Marine Wildlife Calendar PDF
Best time to dive in Los Cabos & Baja. Marine Wildlife Calendar Mexico
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