2 Tanks – Local Diving in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park

About the diving trip

At the convergence of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas greets seasoned divers and beginners alike!

Thanks to this unique geographic position, the Marine Park, located right outside the bay, fosters an extraordinary diving environment, home to a multitude of fish species, many marine mammals, and beautiful sand falls.

Throughout the year, you can also witness awe-inspiring migrations, including various shark species, bait balls and the mesmerizing Mobula rays. Majestic humpback whales can even be seen breaching during the surface interval in the winter.

Join the adventure and hop on one of our daily semi-private dive tours, led by experienced instructors!

  • 2 Tanks Dive
    Cabo San Lucas Marine Park

  • Duration
    5 hours

  • Starting time
    Every day. 7:30am or 12:30pm

  • Group size
    Max 4 divers per guide

Reserve your spot


$130 USD

Per Person

Professional, knowledgeable dive guide

Vegetarian Burrito Snack




What’s not included

Scuba diving equipment Rental: $35 USD

Dive Computer:  $15 USD

  • $35 Gear Rental
    Full set of equipment; BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Fins and Mask.
  • $10 Gear Item
    Per item of equipment
  • $100 Private Guide
    Private Ninja guide up to 4 divers
  • $55 Refresh Course
    Theory class, equipment set up refresh and skill practice at the beginning of the dive.
  • $600 Private Boat
    Private boat up to 4 divers. Ask for info if your party is more than 4 divers/snorkelers.
The Cabo San Lucas Marine Park offers more than 6 dive sites to choose from. Giving you the opportunity to swim with the sea lions, explore the deep sandfall or get lost in a school of sardines

Itinerary & schedule
● 7:30 am. Meeting at the Dive Ninja HQ in Cabo San Lucas
● 8am. First dive
● 9am. Surface interval
● 10am. Second dive
● 12pm to 12:30pm. Back at Dive Ninja HQ

What to bring ?
It’s recommended that divers bring their own Reef Safe Sunscreen, Swimwear and towel. Warmer clothes during the winter season might be necessary.

Diving certification
Divers must hold a diving certification. PADI Open Water or an equivalent certification from another recognized diving organization. For non certified divers, check out our Discover Scuba Diving experience or our PADI Open Water course.

Health & safety
All participants will be required to complete a health questionnaire prior to diving. Some pre-existing medical conditions (e.g., asthma, heart conditions, etc.) may prevent you from diving. Please, consult your doctor.
Free cancelation
The deposit will be refunded in case of a cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the activity. However, if a reservation is canceled within 48 hours of your activity, your payment will be forfeited. Read our Terms and Conditions
Contact Us
If you have any questions or would prefer to register via phone or email you can contact us directly at 973-619-9976 in the US, +52 624-177-4661 in Mexico, or via email at [email protected]

Diving Safety
Our diving tours are led by experienced instructors. Diving safety and respect of the standards are our top priorities at Dive Ninja. Additionally, first aid and a decompression chamber are located a short distance away.

Scuba Diving Insurance
We highly recommend that any diver/traveler obtains travel and dive insurance for their trip. Through our partnership with DAN, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage. Click here to purchase

Should I book a refresher course ?
A scuba refresher course is recommended if you haven’t been diving for the past 6 months, or if you don’t feel comfortable with your diving skills.

Flying after diving?
Avoid diving within 18 hours of flying. Sufficient surface intervals and safe diving procedures are followed during our diving trips.
Scuba diver underwater in Cabo San Lucas

When to dive in Cabo San Lucas ?

Weather and Water Temperatures

Cabo boasts a sunny, arid climate with an annual rainfall of approximately 25 cm (10 in), primarily occurring from late August to October. For the remainder of the year, rainfall is scarce, with few clouds dotting the sky.

Above water, it remains warm throughout the year, with a peak in August and September.

Underwater temperatures fluctuate seasonally, ranging from 15°C (59°F) in spring to 25°C (77°F) in autumn. Visibility varies as well, from 12 to 30 meters (40 to 100 feet), with occasional high winds and big waves during the interseason.

Dive sites in Cabo San Lucas

The Cabo San Lucas Marine Park offers more than 6 dive sites to choose from

Dive sites in this area, sheltered along an underwater canyon, offer diverse experiences for all skill levels. Recreational divers explore depths of 12 to 40 meters (40 to 130 feet), while Tec and CCR divers delve deeper along the wall.

Spot friendly sea lions at Land’s End, near the iconic Arch and enjoy occasional drifts at North Wall, Middle Wall, and South Wall. Neptune’s Finger is surrounded by picturesque sand falls. Renowned among divers, Pelican Rock features a beginner-friendly sandy bottom at 14 meters (46 feet) and a steep wall that will not disappoint seasoned divers.

Check out our page on diving in Cabo San Lucas for more info

Divers and Snapper fishes, Underwater picture
Scuba Diving boat in Cabo San Lucas

Marine Life of Cabo San Lucas

What will I see when diving in Cabo San Lucas?

Within Cabo San Lucas Marine Park, a diverse array of marine life thrives amidst stunning reefs. Schools of jacks and snappers, along with turtles, eagle rays, octopuses, moray eels, nudibranchs, seahorses and a lively colony of sea lions, inhabit its waters.

Various shark species, such as silkies, makos and white tips, also reside here. Dolphins frequent the area regularly, while mobulas, humpback whales, and even orcas have been spotted on occasion.

Consult our Marine Life calendar for more insights into seasonal sightings.

Dive boat and scuba diving Gear

Our Scuba diving boat

Our main panga, a typical Mexican open boat, has enough space to welcome up to 10 divers aboard. The bimini top provides plenty of shade and there is a bathroom on board. It is 9-meters long and its double engine propels it to up to 20 knots.

Diving wetsuit

From August to mid-January, most divers are comfortable with a 5 mm wetsuit and boots.

In spring, as the water temperature can drop to 15°C (59°F) at times, we recommend a 7 mm, with boots and a hoodie if needed. In the Marine Park, diving gloves are not allowed.

Why choose Dive Ninja Expeditions?

Our team at Dive Ninja believes in quality over quantity. We’re passionate about the ocean and love to share this passion with our guests. Dive Ninja provides personalized service, designed to showcase the best of Cabo San Lucas and Baja California in small groups, while providing a high level of safety and thought put into them.