Experience The Largest Ray Migration on Earth

Every year tens of thousands of mobula rays visit the coast lines of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. The congregations of rays are one of the most incredible natural spectacles on our planet – and one of the largest in the world too. An event so stunning that it has been featured in BBC’s Blue Planet and in numerous National Geographic documentaries. Imagine diving down into a school of thousands of these beautiful creatures as they soar through the ocean. Witnessing their acrobatics as they jump from the water by the hundreds. Or snorkeling above the massive schools as they glide effortlessly through the water in unison. This is Mexico’s annual Mobula Ray migration and there is nothing else like it on earth.

We are offer 2 different, yet equally incredible, adventures with the Mobula Rays. Our original 5 Day Conservation Expeditions return with renowned marine biologist & scientist, Marta Palacios. Then for those looking for a more intimate experience with double the time to explore this breathtaking natural wonder we are offering an exclusive series of 8 Day Mobula Ray trips partnered with Scuba Diver Life Expeditions!

This is a special limited offer series with only 4 – 6 spaces available per trip. We recommend that you act fast as these trips will sell out quick. Scroll down for more details, then register online now to secure your space. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or at +1-973-619-9976 with any questions or to reserve your space today.

Watch: Gigantic School of Rays

Check out this incredible clip of possibly the largest school of mobula rays ever filmed! Taken right here in Baja California by National Geographic for their Untamed Americas series!

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5 Day Expeditions
Get all the details on our 5 day conservation expedition trips with marine scientist & mobula expert - Marta Palacios. Schedule, itinerary, prices, and more!
8 Day Expeditions
Get all the details on our exclusive 8 day trips with Scuba Diver Life Expeditions. Schedule, itinerary, prices, and more!
freediving with schools of Mobula Rays in Mexico Sea of Cortez

The Expedition

Prepare for front row seats to your own wildlife documentary. Our special mobula ray migration expeditions not only put you right in the heart of the action but let’s you get involved in important research being done on these amazing creatures. You will be able to partake in mobula research and surveying activities alongside one of the top mobula ray experts in the world – Marta Palacios. This is your chance to help make a difference and protect our oceans while bearing witness to one of the most incredible natural wonders on earth with your own eyes.

Our expeditions will begin in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico at the Dive Ninja Expeditions HQ. After check-in you’ll be transferred in our air conditioned transport van to your accommodation in a place so special we can only call it our ‘secret ninja spot’.  Jay Clue and Team Ninja have spent endless amounts of time scouting and exploring the length of Baja to find the best place to experience these gigantic schools. Last season we began running pilot trips there  to test our findings and were blown away at the action! Now it’s your chance to see it with your own eyes, so get ready for the experience of a lifetime. 

Your home for the week is a picturesque private beachfront property with spectacular views and all the comforts of home— Air conditioning, WiFi, American satellite TV, patios with lounge chairs & hammocks to unwind while taking in the ocean breeze, and so much more. The gorgeous Sea of Cortez is only a few steps across a white sand beach from your door.  And best of all it’s located on the edge of a small fishing town, far away from the hoards of tourists and big cities creating a unique experience to really enjoy the natural beauty of Baja. Once everyone is settled in we’ll meet for our first presentations then indulge on our first chef prepared dinner of the trip. The next morning as the warm sun rises over Jacques Cousteau Island, we’ll head out for our first in-water experience. After a few hours of action exploring the area we’ll take a break for lunch. Then get ready to head back out on the ocean for more chances to get in the water with the jaw dropping schools of mobula rays. Then the next days we’ll be back at it again and again for the rest of the expedition. On the final day of the trip we’ll head back to the Ninja HQ in Cabo San Lucas after breakfast. 

While out on the ocean we’ll also be looking for sea lions, giant devil rays, whales, mantas, pods of dolphins, and many more incredible inhabitants that call these waters home. The days will be pretty full on as we search for different schools discovering this incredible natural spectacle. Our captains for this trip are ex local fisherman that have converted to working purely in marine research and eco-tourism. These ninjas are living proof of the amazing things eco-tourism can accomplish. They have grown an unrivaled passion for the ocean and know the waters around this area unlike any other.  Each trip will have an expert Team Ninja guide working alongside our special guests to teach you about this breathtaking area in the beautiful Sea of Cortez and keeping everyone safe and enjoying themselves. We’ll spend each of the ocean days swimming, snorkeling, & freediving while out searching for different schools and all the wonders this special area offers.