Delving Into Technical Diving – A Girl’s Eye View

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Delving Into Technical Diving Trying to get into the uber macho world of Technical Diving can be intimidating and difficult for girls.  Here Sze Wei share's her experience and challenges. When I was asked to think about writing about my experiences getting into technical diving, especially as a girl [...]

Crossing the Scuba/Freedive Divide

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Crossing the Scuba/Freedive Divide Ever wonder what’s it like to be an avid scuba diver who dips his/her fin into the freediving pool?  Here’s what Sze Wei thought! But I’m a Scuba Diver!  Why Freedive? I was a scuba diver with several hundred dives logged when I started getting [...]

Dive Ninjas Introduces Courses from the Couch

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Dive Ninjas Introduces Courses From the Couch Dive Ninjas will be offering  scuba, freediving, and photography courses from the comfort of your own couch so you can stay safe, stay home, and use this time to learn something new and exciting for your next trip!  Quarantined Ninjas Rejoice! Team Ninja [...]

Scuba Vs Freediving

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Scuba Vs Freediving What is a better skill to have? Should I do a Freediver course or an Open Water course? If I am a scuba diver, should I do a freediving course? Do you prefer Freediving or scuba diving? Many of our students and guests ask me questions like these. And the [...]

Striped Marlin Trip Report – November 2019

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Striped Marlin Trip Report November 2019 The action of last season's marlin expedition in Baja California through the eyes of one of our guests. Read all about Ellen's experience above and below the water last November in Magdalena Bay with Dive Ninjas. Traveling Ninja Style Looking down from the [...]

Introducing Ocean Stories

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Ocean Stories: Connecting us all through our love for the Ocean Feeling disconnected and far from the ocean and all of your salty friends during this isolating time? Well, we have a solution! We have created a platform to connect us all to those working at the forefront of ocean conservation. Find out how [...]

COVID-19 Update

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Thoughts and important information on the developing COVID-19 situation Dear Ninjas, We hope this message finds you well. Humans have overcome many challenging events in the epic poem of time, and this current situation is already shaping up to be one of those defining events. Naturally, our first thoughts are [...]

How do you know a business is TRUE eco-tourism

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How do you know a business is TRUE eco-tourism? Given the current environmental problems we can all pretty much agree that we are facing a crisis. That is not something we want to think about when making plans for our next vacation. But you can help when planning your next holiday by considering [...]

Eco Whale Watching – the Dive Ninja Difference

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Eco Whale Watching - the Dive Ninja Difference True eco tourism is the heart of Dive Ninja Expeditions.  We aspire to create unique experiences for our guests, that are thrilling and memorable, and at the same time educates, and helps to protect the incredible marine ecosystem we love. Here, we discuss how we [...]

The Humpback Whales of Cabo – a Brief History

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The Humpback Whales of Cabo - a Brief History Curious about the humpback whales of Cabo? Learn more about the recent history of these whales, how human activities have impacted them, and what you can do to help! Humpback Hotspot Being out on a boat, bobbing in the middle [...]