The Mobula Rays of Baja California Mexico

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The Magnificent Mobula Rays of Baja California, Mexico Massive schools of Mobula Munkiana, more commonly known as Munk’s Devil Rays or locally as Mobula Rays, fill the waters of the Sea of Cortez & Pacific Ocean around the southern Baja California peninsula in Mexico every year creating one of the greatest diving experiences [...]

A Whale of a Time! Gentle Giants Trip Report – 2019

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A Whale of a Time! Gentle Giants Trip Report - March 2019 Whale watching Ninja style!  Every spring we run special Gentle Giants whale watching expeditions to catch the best whale action in Baja California, Mexico.  Want to know what we saw this year? Here’s Sze Wei’s trip report! [...]

Win A Trip To Tiger Beach Bahamas

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Win a Ninja Liveaboard Trip to Tiger Beach! In honor of all the love and support Girls That Scuba members have shown us we'd like to invite you to win a free ticket aboard our 2019 Ninja Tiger Beach & The West End Bahamas Liveaboard Expedition! Read on for the full details!  [...]

Why Should I Take a Freediving Course?

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Why Should I Take a Freediving Course? To kick off the launch of our new Ninja Freediving School we have asked Lucrecia Fabre, founder of Amancay Freediving - one of Mexico's top freediving schools - to help answer one of the biggest questions we see in the sport! Why should I take a [...]

Dive Ninjas – now 100% AWARE!

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Dive Ninjas - now 100% AWARE! Dive Ninjas is announcing a new collaboration with Project AWARE! We are now the only 100% AWARE dive centre in Cabo - yet another Ninja first! Project AWARE Ninjas! That’s right ninjas!!  We’re really excited and proud to announce that Dive Ninjas have just [...]

Socorro Shark Research Trip Report – January 2019

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Trip Report: Citizen Science Shark Research Expedition to the Revillagigedo - January 2019 On 8 January, Dive Ninjas kicked off 2019 in style with our first expedition of the year - heading to the Revillagigedo Archipelago with Dr Mauricio Hoyos Padilla and Pelagios Kankujá for a Ninja style shark research expedition! Want to [...]

Big Dive Ninja Announcements for 2019

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Big Dive Ninja Announcements for 2019! As we close out an amazing year and get ready to rock for the new year, Team Ninja's very own Jay Clue takes a look at where we are and more importantly where we are heading for 2019. There is a lot of big news in this [...]

Girls That Scuba Day 2019 in Cabo San Lucas

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Girls That Scuba Day - Round 2: March 2, 2019 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Girls That Scuba & Dive Ninja Expeditions invite you to join us for another amazing Girls That Ninja event! Join us we team up again to bring you a full day packed with diving, whale watching, inspiring presentations, [...]

Insane Colour, Corals, Birthdays and Weddings: Fiji Trip Report – October 2018

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Insane Colour, Corals, Birthdays and Weddings: Fiji Trip Report - October 2018 On 20 October 2018, Dive Ninjas travelled all the way to the South Pacific!  Yes, we were in Fiji for an amazing week of diving and celebrating major milestones with our Ninja guests!  Here’s Sze Wei’s trip report. [...]

Ninjas on Safari! Sri Lanka Trip Report

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Trip Report: Ninjas on Safari in Sri Lanka! On 25 August 2018, Dive Ninjas ventured out on Safari! We spent an amazing 5 days exploring the wildlife and culture of beautiful Sri Lanka. Here’s Sze Wei’s trip report. This is part 1 of our 2-part series covering our recent visit to the Indian [...]