Dive Ninjas PADI Women’s Dive Day 2018 in Cabo San Lucas Wrap Up

On July 21st Dive Ninja Expeditions hosted a very special PADI Women’s Dive Day event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Your favorite dreadlocked member of Team Ninja, Donna, was on hand for all the fun. Here is her wrap up of our Ninja Women’s Dive Day event. We can’t wait until next year!

PADI Women’s Dive Day with Dive Ninjas

Every year, on the 21st of July, one of the best days of the year comes around, PADI Women’s Dive Day! Every year we try to give tribute to our female dive companions in a unique and exciting way, and this year, not only did we have some great Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas, but we also had the pleasure of hearing a fascinating lecture by one of our favorite shark ladies, Frida Lara.

Frida Lara is a shark researcher from the Pelagios Kakunja group, who has been studying the migration of sharks between the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, Cocos Islands in Costa Rica and Socorro Islands in Mexico. Her talk taught us about the amazing journey sharks take every year and the importance of protecting sharks and their habitats. For more information and donation to shark research check out the Pelagios Kakunja website, and if you would like to participate in some shark research and tagging, have a look at our amazing Socorro Island Shark Research trip planned for January 2019, when Frida and other members of the Pelagios group will join us for a special Citizen Science trip. A hands-on experience of Scuba and shark research.

PADI Women's Dive Day 2018. Cabo San Lucas Mexico

After some refreshments and a yummy pizza for lunch, we joined our captain on the boat for some Women’s Scuba diving! Our 2 dives were held in the bay of Cabo San Lucas, where the beautiful, deep-blue ocean meets the dramatic, white cliffs and magical rock formations of Baja California Sur. What a fantastic sight it is to see 9 women divers from all over the world, of different experience levels, enjoying the beauty the sea has to offer! We saw schools of tropical reef fish, seahorses, eels, lobsters, nudibranchs and big schools of grunts at Pelican Rock plus a huge school of jacks and sardines coming up from the wreck at Land’s End. On top of all that, a spectacular show of jumping Mobula rays helped make this PADI women’s dive day a day to remember.

Women divers are an integral part of our diving world and especially here at Dive Ninjas. That’s why we have decided that only one Women’s Dive Day is not enough. So, we made the whole month of July – Women’s Dive Month! And for that we will have another special event on the 28th of July, with the amazing Girls That Scuba group. Another day full of fun, excitement, empowerment, learning, and of course more beautiful diving in Cabo San Lucas.

—Donna, Team Ninja Instructor & Guide

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