Don’t Miss Our Exclusive Ninja Trips

Even though our local areas boast some exceptional diving, we still like to get out and travel! Dive Ninja Expeditions, regularly hosts exclusive dive trips to legendary locations around the world like Soccoro, Tonga, Isla Guadalupe, Indonesia, the Red Sea, and Malapascua (thresher sharks, anyone?).

Below you’ll find our upcoming exclusive Dive Ninja trips, as well as some which are in the works that you can register interest in before they’re released to the public. Make sure to sign up for our ninja news or check back often as there is always something new in the works at the Ninja HQ. Looking for more destinations? Check out our global Dive Ninja Travel Network page.

Cocos Island Costa Rice scuba diving liveaboard

Cocos Island Shark Conservation Trip

Aug 26-Sept 5, 2021 [1 Space Available!]
Liveaboard – Sharks, mantas, & more sharks!
Team Ninja presents a very special shark filled liveaboard trip to the one and only Cocos Island! One of the Top 3 dive destinations in the world. And boy do we have something special planned for this one!
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Project Shark Liveaboard trip in the Red Sea

Red Sea Project Shark Trip

October 15-22 2021 Tickets On Sale Now!
Liveaboard – Sharks!
Join us in the Red Sea for a special Project Shark trip with Oceanic Whitetips, Thresher sharks, hammerheads, and more aboard the world renowned Blue Melody – Winner of the best dive liveaboard award!
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Striped Marlin Diving Expedition

Striped Marlin Expeditions

October/November 2021 Dates Available
Expedition – Striped Marlin, Bait Balls, & More!
Every autumn team ninja brings you face to face with all the Mexican striped marlin action! Get ready for our exclusive Striped Marlin Expeditions!
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Diving with great hammerheads in Bimini, The Bahamas.

Bimini Shark Research Trip

December 5-12, 2021 [1 Space Available!]
Expedition – Great Hammerheads & Tigers!
We have teamed up with the awesome shark ninjas at Bimini Shark Lab for a very special shark research experience! We’ll be in the field learning hands-on from top shark scientists plus diving with great hammerheads and more!
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whale watching in Baja California sur Mexico

Gentle Giants Expeditions

February-March 2022   
Humpbacks, Blue, & Grey Whales
2022 Gentle Giants dates now available! Join us for a special week long adventure to see the titans of Baja: Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Grey Whales, Whale Sharks, Fin Whales, and more! There are multiple trip dates to choose from.
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Diving with Mobula Rays in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Mobula Ray Expeditions

April-June 2022 Dates Available
Expedition – Schools of Mobula rays!
Get ready for front row seats to the largest ray aggregation on earth! Our expedition takes you to our new secret aggregation spot for some of the largest schools we’ve seen. Choose from our citizen science trips or exclusive photo trips with Nadia Aly!
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Shark diving in Galapagos with Dive Ninja Expeditions and Girls That Scuba

Galapagos Shark Squad Trip

March 10-20, 2022 [2 Spaces Available!]
Liveaboard – Whale Sharks, Hammers, & more!
We have a super special trip planned back to these amazing islands in 2022 with our friends at Girls That Scuba! Get ready for schools of hammerheads, whale sharks, mola mola, marine iguanas, penguins and so much more!
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Freediving with spotted dolphins in Bimini, the Bahamas with Dive Ninja Expeditions. Photo by Jay Clue

Bimini Wild Dolphins Expedition

June 10-15, 2022 [8 Spaces Available!]
Land Based – Pods of Dolphins, Sharks, & more!
Join us next June for a special expedition to encounter the worlds most social & friendly pods of wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins! Get ready for up close interactions!
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Vava'u Toga Humpback whale diving expedition

Tonga Humpback Whales

Oct 5-15, 2022 4 Spaces Left!
Expedition – Swim with Humpback Whales!
Team Ninja is heading back to the kingdom of giants to get up close to the friendly humpback whales that visit these beautiful waters every year! Get ready to come face to face underwater with these titans and their curious young calves!
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Dive Ninja Expeditions Coming Soon!

Philippines w/ LAMAVE

TBA 2022 Coming Soon
Liveaboard – Megafauna, Macro,& more!
We have something very special for our ninjas to kick off 2022! We are teaming up with our friends at LAMAVE (Large Marine Vertebrates Research Center) for an incredible trip with the best of the Philippines…Thresher sharks, whale sharks, & more in the Coral Triangle!
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Dive Ninja Expeditions Coming Soon!

Chuuk Lagoon Ghost Fleet

TBA 2022 Coming Soon!
Liveaboard – Wrecks!
We are currently building a special wreck diving trip to the best wreck diving place on earth – Chuuk Lagoon! This will be a special trip open to both recreational and technical divers. More info coming soon!
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Past Dive Ninja Trips & Expeditions

snorkeling with dolphins

Bimini Wild Dolphins Expedition

June 11-16, 2021 [2 Spaces Available!]
Land Based – Pods of Dolphins, Sharks, & more!
Join us next June for a special expedition to encounter the worlds most social & friendly pods of wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins! Get ready for up close interactions!
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liveaboard dive trips

Maldives Southern Hemisphere

February 16-23 2020[SOLD OUT!!]
Liveaboard: Tigers, Mantas, Whale Sharks!
Join Team Ninja as we ditch the roses and heart shaped boxes of chocolate to make some romance with mightiest of pelagics in a very special area of the Maldives!
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Sri Lanka Safari

Sri Lanka Surface Interval Safari

February 11-15 2020 [SOLD OUT!]
Safari – Elephants, Leopards, Ancient Temples!
We know it’s not diving, but who doesn’t want to see wild elephants, leopards, and ancient temples?! It’s like being Indiana Jones for the week! This special safari is open to any who’d like to join. Even non divers!
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Girls That Scuba Socorro diving liveaboard Expedition

Girls That Scuba Socorro Trip

Jan 17-25, 2020 [SOLD OUT!]
Liveaboard – Mantas, Sharks, Dolphins
We’re teaming up with Girls That Scuba for a special expedition to Socorro and the Revillagigedo Archipelago! Get ready for intimate encounters at one of the worlds best places for big animal diving!
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Palau diving liveaboard destination

Palau Ninja New Years 2019/20

Dec 29 2019 – Jan 5 2020 [SOLD OUT!]
Liveaboard – Sharks, Mantas, Wrecks, Macro
Get ready for another phenomenal Ninja New Years! This time we’re heading to the tropical shark filled paradise of Palau for 8 days of amazing diving and a visit to Jellyfish Lake! Book now and score a $500 early booking discount!
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Galapagos Islands liveaboard trip

Galapagos Islands Liveaboard Expedition

November 14-21, 2019 [SOLD OUT!]
Liveaboard – Galapagos!
Join us next year as we set off to one of the most biodiverse and amazing places in the world, the Galapagos Islands! Expect schools of sharks, marine iguanas, whale sharks, mola mola, giant tortoises, seals, and so much more!
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Midriff Islands Sea of Cortez Expedition

August 31- Sept 7, 2019 [SOLD OUT!]
Liveaboard: Off the grid! Macro & Pelagics!
We’re working on a special liveaboard to visit the untouched areas of the northern Sea of Cortez! Come explore the Midriff Islands & the infamous Bahia de los Angeles with us!
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Tiger beach liveaboard dive trips

Tiger Beach Bahamas Liveaboard

July 6-13, 2019 [SOLD OUT!]
Liveaboard: Sharks & reefs!
Team Ninja is heading to explore the remote west end of the Bahamas next July for a week of shark filled gorgeous Caribbean diving! Expect tigers, lemons, reefs, and more!
komodo liveaabord scuba travel

Komodo – The land of dragons!

May 19-26 2019 [SOLD OUT!]
Liveaboard, Macro, Mantas, Sharks, Komodo Dragons
We’re heading to Indonesia next year to explore the land of dragons! Get ready a week of jaw dropping diving in the Coral Triangle!
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Socorro Manta Research Expedition

Apr 15 – 24 2018
Liveaboard – SOLD OUT!
Join Team Ninja on a Citizen Science Expedition with Dr Robert Rubin, Director of the Pacific Manta Research foundation as we journey to Socorro.
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whale watching mexico

Girls That Scuba Gentle Giants Trip

March 1-9 2019 [SOLD OUT!]
Expedition: Humpback, Grey, & Blue Whales, Whale Sharks!
Join Girls That Scuba and Team Ninja as we head out to explore Baja in search of Gentle Giants! The waters around Baja are home to the highest concentration of migratory marine mammals in the world!
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Socorro shark diving research trip

Socorro Shark

January 8-17, 2019 [SOLD OUT!]
Liveaboard: Shark diving, research & conservation
Join Team Ninja & one of the worlds top shark experts, Dr Mauricio Hoyos, for a special citizen science shark research trip to one of our favorite destinations.
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liveaboard dive trips

Guadalupe Great White Shark Diving

October 4-9 2018 [SOLD OUT!]
Liveaboard: Great White Sharks!
We’re going back! Last year was so incredible that we couldn’t pass up the chance to head back for more. This year we’re going for the arrival of the massive females!
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diving with saltwater crocodiles

Special Mayan Summer Expedition

August 10-18, 2018 [SOLD OUT!]
Saltwater Crocs, Whale Sharks & Cenotes!
Head off the beaten track in search of gigantic whale sharks, sacred Mayan cenotes, remote reef diving, and best of all, get up close & personal with crocodiles.
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liveaboard dive trips

Lost Islands Fiji Expedition

October 20-27, 2018 [SOLD OUT!]
Liveaboard – Insane colors, macro, & big life
Join us as we head out to explore the ‘Soft coral capital of the world’. Packed with diversity under water from unbelievable macro life to pelagic giants.
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Silver Bank
Humpback Whales

Feb 3 – 10 2018
Liveaboard – Swim with Humpback Whales!
Join us as we journey to one of only three places in the world where you can be in the water with the majestic giants.
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Socorro Ninja New Years Eve

Dec 26 2017 – Jan 3 2018
Liveaboard – Sharks & Mantas!
Join Team Ninja next winter as we voyage to the remote volcanic islands of the Revillagigedo Archipelago to celebrate New Years dive ninja style!
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Cage Diving with Great Whites

August 2017
Liveaboard: Great White Sharks!
This summers Guadalupe Island cage diving season is sold out! Bookings are now open for the 2018 and 2019 season. Contact us ASAP for info.

Socorro Manta Research

Mar 5 – 14 2017
Liveaboard – Giant Mantas!
Join Team Ninja on a Citizen Science Expedition aboard the Quino el Guardian with Dr Robert Rubin, Director of the Pacific Manta Research foundation.