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At Dive Ninja Expeditions, there are no “standard diving packages”. Instead, we prefer to take you on adventures that give you a front row seat to some of the most amazing experiences on earth. Imagine seeing some of nature’s most mind blowing spectacles – events usually only scientists and pro photographers ever get the chance to witness. Taking one of our expeditions will never be your typical resort dive trip. We provide multi-day, conservation minded trips that are either species specific, and/or multi-location based, to show you the best diving an area has to offer. Your dedicated ninja guides will not only take you to some incredible sites, but will also show you local secrets and off-the-beaten-path stops, as well as teach you about the area, animals, current research, and local conservation efforts – which means you can expect a truly authentic experience.

Planning expeditions like these on your own can be a massive undertaking to say the least. But at Dive Ninjas we know holidays shouldn’t be stressful! So our expert team utilizes their vast knowledge of the local area to build out expedition packages that put you in the best season and take care of all the logistics for you (accommodation, transportation, etc), ensuring you get the most adventure out of your trip without the stress.  Plus we work hand in hand with numerous scientists, researchers, and conservationists through our Ocean Warriors platform to make sure your experience is true sustainable eco friendly tourism, instead of just some hollow marketing ploy. So you can enjoy your trip knowing that it is benefiting local conservation efforts, communities and research work. 

We lead custom expeditions all year round in Baja California, Mexico but can also organize one-off expeditions to almost anywhere in the world through our international network of ninjas. Check out the links below and contact us today to start organizing your dive ninja expedition!


Mobula Ray Diving Expedition
Gentle Giants Whale Watching Expedition
Striped marlin diving expeditions
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mobula ray migration diving expeditions

Mobula Ray Expeditions

Twice a year the Sea of Cortez is graced with congregations of thousands of these acrobatic rays. It is considered one of the largest congregations of rays in the world and one of our favorite experiences in Baja. Join us for a special series of expeditions in search of nursery areas for these mysterious creatures.
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Gentle Giants Whale Watching Expedition

Gentle Giants Expeditions

Every winter Baja plays host to an awe inspiring migration of whales. Humpbacks put on an amazing show as they search for new mates – breaching out of the water in a thunderous splash. Curious grey whales poke their heads out of the water only inches from the boat to say hello. And gigantic blue whales cruise the seas.
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Striped marlin diving expeditions

Striped Marlin Migration

Hidden deep in the heart of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula lies a magical place. An incredible area tucked away on the Pacific Ocean plays host to giant bait balls that congregate miles off shore from the bay creating one of this planets most amazing spectacles, and well kept secrets – the Striped Marlin migration.
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Baja Explorer Dive Expedition

Explore Baja Expeditions

Baja California is a land of contrasts. It boasts some of the greatest diversity & abundance of marine life on the planet. Above the water, backdrops of gorgeous rocky, desert mountains reach up to the clouds, forests of cactus spread across the valleys, and some of the most beautiful sunsets & star filled nights.
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mako shark diving expeditions nakawe project

Mako Shark Expeditions

Every year the waters around Baja California play host to one of the fastest animals on earth, the short fin mako shark! But these amazing creatures need our help. Their populations are dropping fast due to finning and fishing. We’re currently working on a special series of citizen science expeditions to help save makos! Full info coming soon!
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custom dive expeditions

Custom Dive Expeditions

Looking for something special? Our team can organize custom and private expeditions all over Mexico and the world. American crocodiles, giant oceanic manta rays, hammerheads, tiger sharks, blue sharks, whale sharks, sperm whales, and so much more. Let us know what you’d like to see and we can build a custom expedition for you.
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