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Marine research and conservation is the beating heart of Dive Ninja Expeditions.  It is not only something we are very passionate about, but it is threaded into everything we do. When Jay Clue founded Dive Ninjas his vision was to create something different. Not just from a tours & activities perspective, but also from an environmental & conservational perspective. This idea would be the spark from which Dive Ninjas was born and fuel for the flames of passion that continue to carry everything Dive Ninja Expeditions stands for today. Our focus has been, and continues to be, on creating a platform that bridges the gaps found between tourism, science, and conservation. As you read through this page you’ll find out how we work to create true ecotourism experiences, as well as discover the heart and soul of Team Ninja. 

SSI & PADI Freediving course Los Cabos Mexico

Our Vision

We ADVOCATE a sustainable way of life - humans are part of the ecosystem, and we need to be part of the solution, not just the problem
We EDUCATE, sharing facts, problems, solutions and best practises - we believe knowledge has the power to inspire.
We PROTECT the ocean and its wildlife - it is the world’s largest habitat and life support system, and also the least protected and most at risk.
We PRESERVE the future - we want to leave a legacy that will positively impact the marine environment we all love.

What Makes Us Different

We know there are many different kinds of tour operators out there. Some are doing amazing work to help protect their local environment, while others are more concerned with making money by bleeding these same areas dry. And now that more and more humans are supporting conservation efforts, there’s been an increase in operators using greenwashing as a marketing tactic to capitalize on this trend.  At Dive Ninjas our goal is to set the bar higher. We believe that by trying to create a higher standard in dive tourism the rest of the industry will begin to follow suite. Here are a few of the things we do to help support our oceans, their inhabitants, and the precious ecosystems we all live in.

  1. We were awarded as the FIRST PADI Eco Center in all of Mexico, and one of the first in the world. The new PADI Eco Center award is the highest level of award a dive center can receive for their environmental, conservation, and sustainability efforts. To put that in perspective, there are currently only 11 PADI Eco Centers in the entire world. Ninja was chosen for our proven track record in sustainable tourism as well as for consistently setting the bar higher in the industry.
  2. We do not use single use plastics on our tours or in our shop. Instead of plastic water bottles we utilize reusable metal bottles. Our snacks are locally made every morning and packaged in reusable containers. We do not offer plastic bags for shop purchases. Even our garbage bags are biodegradable.
  3. We believe less is more. Our shop is small and doesn’t create unnecessary waste. It has been designed to lower our environmental impact with appliances that utilize inverter systems which use a small fraction of the energy of standard equipment. Our lights are all low voltage LEDs and are only used when natural light isn’t bright enough. Our windows are all treated with polarized coatings to cut down on the hot desert sun from leaking in. And the list goes on and on.
  4. We have developed and integrated a fully digital system for our reservations and office operations to minimize the use & waste of paper.
  5. Our tours are designed to educate our guests on the local area, its incredible ecosystems, and the remarkable creatures that call it home. Our guides and instructors are passionate about teaching you about our beautiful home. So feel free to ask lots of questions. We also offer a full range of conservation courses and workshops for those wanting to learn more about how they can help protect our oceans.
  6. Many of our expeditions are designed around current research and conservation projects working with local scientists and advocates. We partner with researchers to create citizen science style expeditions to help our guests learn more while being able to get involved in research activities that directly contribute to creating a better understanding of our ecosystems and their inhabitants, as well as working to protect their populations.
  7. We donate a portion of the proceeds from our citizen science & conservation expeditions to the organizations involved providing funding support for the important work that they do. And this isn’t a couple dollars either – our normal donations range from 20-50% of the profits from each ticket sold. So your awesome vacation goes on to give back to the incredible creatures that made it so special by supporting ongoing research & conservation efforts.
  8. We regularly meet with sustainability consultants, marine scientists, conservationists, and zero waste advocates to see how our tours and operations can be better designed to create an even smaller impact.
  9. We are actively involved in supporting & developing conservation, environmental, and research projects. These span across numerous facets including: dive site & beach clean-ups, working with shark fisherman to help them transition to shark tourism, organizing special events & presentations, creating opportunities for citizen science platforms, providing logistical support for marine scientists & researchers, working against illegal fishing, supporting marine animal rescue efforts, volunteering on community outreach projects, research data collection, and so much more.
  10. We were the first, and are currently the only, Project Aware 100% AWARE PADI Dive Center in the entire Baja California peninsula. To put that in perspective that’s a massive area covering 143,390 km² (55,360 square miles) with hundreds, if not thousands of tour operators. That means every scuba diving, freediving, technical diving, or conservation course you book with us helps to support the incredible work Project AWARE is doing around the world!
  11. We were one of the first Green Fins Members in all of Mexico and also helped beta test their new global digital member program. Our team is always looking for new initiatives and programs to work with that aim to help our oceans as well as finding new ways to lower our impact and make out business even more sustainable. Learn more about it here.
  12. Our clothing partners are some of the most sustainable and eco friendly in the industry. One of them has even changed the global fashion industry with their methods.  Learn more about it here.
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Get Involved

Want to help give back to our planet and preserve the incredible experiences the oceans give us for future generations? There are many ways you can get involved today. To start, research the tour operators you want to use and support tour companies that are giving back to the community and protecting the environment. Join one of our citizen science & conservation expeditions or dive trips to learn more about different species and the precious ecosystems they live in while getting to participate in critical marine research. Or stop by next time you are in Cabo San Lucas for a conservation course, workshop, or marine science talk. We also highly recommend you check out some of the inspiring organizations we work with that are doing remarkable work to help protect our oceans. Organizations like Nakawe Project, Project AWARE, Pelagios Kakunja, Empty The Tanks, and Sharks 4 Kids. Make a donation to them if you can, or help support their causes by advocating for them. Share their posts and articles on social media and with your friends and family. Be a voice for those who cannot speak. Speak up about the issues sharks are facing and how their populations are plummeting around the world. Teach humans about the horrors behind captive dolphin tours so they don’t support this sick form of entertainment. Every little bit helps. Together we can create a massive change and build a better world for all species. 

Don’t know where to start? Or worried you can’t make a difference? Give us a shout, our team will gladly help point you in the right direction.

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