Scuba Diving & Freediving in Cabo San Lucas

Our PADI 5 Star Dive Center is located in Cabo San Lucas which lies at the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula. This unique geographic location places it right where the mighty Pacific Ocean meets the beautiful Sea of Cortez. The meeting of these two bodies of water creates an incredible environment for diving boasting thousands of species of invertebrates, over 900 species of fish, and a multitude of marine mammals. Throughout the year we are blessed with the migrations of multiple shark species, humpback whales, bait balls, and one of the largest migrations of rays on the planet – the acrobatic mobula rays.

At Dive Ninjas we pride ourselves on setting a new standard for the dive industry. We don’t see ourselves as a dive shop, but instead a unique purveyor of experiences centered around marine conservation, education, research, and most importantly, a passionate love for the ocean and all its fun inhabitants. We offer a delicious menu of multi-day dive packages and mini expeditions, as well as private guided scuba diving and freediving tours. Below you’ll find our list of Los Cabos scuba diving & tours that we offer at our home base in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Scroll down to the bottom to check out the quick facts and our Cabo San Lucas photo gallery. Then give us a shout so we can start planning your dive expedition in beautiful Baja!

Seahorse while Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas Mexico with Dive Ninja Expeditions
scuba diving lands end Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

2 Tanks Local Diving in the Cabo Marine Park

Ready to explore the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park? Check out the deep sand falls at Neptunes Finger, the amazing life at Pelican Rock, or get up close with our friendly sea lions at Lands End. Join us for one of our daily 2 semi-private guided dive tours. Includes snacks & drinks onboard, 2 tanks of air, weights, and Team Ninja dive guide. Get ready for an awesome day scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas!

$130 USD, Departs: 8am or 1pm.

Available Add-ons:
Rental gear: $35 full set, or $10/item
Private boat: $600 (for up to 4 people)

2 Tanks Local Diving in the Corridor

Take a relaxing cruise out to the corridor and explore the massive boulders and soft corals that make the corridor famous. Choose from daily morning or afternoon semi-private guided tours. Includes snacks & drinks onboard, 2 tanks of air, weights, and Team Ninja guide.

$145 USD, Departs: 8am or 1pm

Available Add-ons:
Rental gear: $35 full set, or $10/item
Private boat: $700 (for up to 4 people)

Nudibranch while scuba diving in Los Cabos, Mexico
Dive Ninja Expeditions DSD pool training in Cabo San Lucas

Discover Scuba Diving

If you want to try scuba diving for the first time this is a quick and easy introduction into what it  takes to explore the underwater world. Although this is not a scuba certification course, you’ll  learn all the steps it takes to be a PADI certified diver. You learn the basic safety guidelines and  skills needed to dive under the direct supervision of a highly qualified Ninja Instructor.   

$195 USD Includes: Theory session and eLearning, shallow water skills practice, 2 ocean dives and all rental equipment.  

Check out our pool training and Discover Scuba Diving session! 

$245 USD Includes: Theory session and eLearning, pool training, 2 ocean dives and all rental equipment.  

2 Tanks Gordo Banks Trip

Located 10 miles off-shore from Los Cabos, Gordo Banks rises up from the ocean floor creating a plateau at about 110-150 feet (33-45m) underwater. This is a great site for pelagic species! Schools of jacks, tuna, pelagic sting rays, mantas, mobulas and even schools of silky sharks and hammerheads can often be seen. During the whale season we can often see humpbacks diving down. The depth and location of this dive site require that you are an experienced diver and comfortable diving in blue water. If you are unsure if you have enough experience, please give us a shout before booking.  Includes snacks & drinks, 2 tanks of EANX 28 (Nitrox), tanks, weights, and Team Ninja guide.

$250 USD, Departs at sunrise.

Available Add-ons:
Rental gear: $35 full set, or $10/item
Private boat: $1250 (for up to 4 divers)

**Please note that for the safety of our guests we require that any diver wishing to go to Gordo Banks do at least 1 local diving activity with us prior to their Gordo Banks trip. This is to make sure you are comfortable in the water and capable of safely diving this site. We value your safety and Gordo Banks can be a very advanced dive. If you have any questions please contact us.**

scuba diving with hammerhead sharks at Gordo Banks, Los Cabos Mexico
Sunset before Night diving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Night Dive

Head out just before sunset, to watch it set into the Pacific Ocean from the boat. Then get ready to experience the marine park after dark! We usually have the dive sites all to ourselves and can see all our nocturnal friends coming out to play. white tip sharks cruising around looking for their next meal, lobster walking the rocks, trains of sea hares, octopus & morays out hunting, and so much more. One of our favorites is seeing the bioluminescent plankton light up the water with green sparks!

$110 USD, Departs just before sunset. ( Torch Included )

Available Add-ons:
Rental gear: $35 full set or $10/item
Private guide: $75
Private boat: $425 (1 fee per group)

Guided Tech Diving in CSL Marine Park

Ready to find out why the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park is nicknamed The Canyon? Explore the deep walls, rock canyons, or let us take you to one of our secret spots. Our shop can fill nitrox, trimix, heliox, as well as pure O2. As soon as you book, our tech team will contact you to work out a dive and deco plan so we can have the gases ready when you arrive. Please note, the price includes 2 AL80 tanks (sidemount or backmount doubles) of air and does not include deco gases. Deco gases and other mixes will be billed separately since they are dependent on the dive plan.
Includes snacks & drinks, 2 AL80s of air, weights, and Team Ninja guide.

$160 USD, Departs 8am or 1pm.

Technical diving in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico
shark diving in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico

Blue Water Excursion

Cabo’s unique geographic location at the meeting point between the mighty Pacific Ocean and the beautiful Sea of Cortez makes it a hot spot for pelagic life. Off the coast of Cabo 3 different ocean currents come together making it a magical place for spotting all sorts of wonderful creatures! Throughout the year we have chances to see 6+ species of sharks, dolphins, orcas, mantas, turtles, dorado, and so many other amazing species. Get a chance to swim with a school of Silky sharks, Mako, Hammerhead and Blue sharks, pods of dolphins and massive groups of rays. Choose between a full day or a half day tour; The half day tour focuses mainly on swimming with sharks and is about 4-5 hours long. Please note that these tours are operated by a 3rd party operator and we can not guarantee sightings of wildlife.

Half Day: $205, Includes: snacks & drinks, equipment, and expert guide.

Humpback Whale Watching

Every winter we are blessed with the return of these majestic giants. Watch them breach and slap their flukes and fins against the surface as they search for new mates and teach their newborn young the ways of the whale. Our whale watching tours are run by an expert naturalist guide and also include listening to the whales sing on the hydrophone, a visit to the world famous Arch of San Lucas & sea lion colony.  Includes: drinks & snacks onboard, and naturalist guide.

Season: December 15-April15.
$80 USD, Departs 7.30am, 10.30am, or 1.30pm

Humpback whale watching in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico
snorkeling with schools of Mobula Rays in Cabo San Lucas

Mobula Ray Freediving & Snorkeling Tours

Twice a year we are blessed with one of the most amazing experiences in nature. In the late spring/early summer and then again in the late autumn thousands of mobula rays congregate in the waters around Cabo San Lucas. It is one of the largest congregations of rays on the planet. A jaw dropping spectacle watching these acrobatic ninjas flying from the water doing back flips and splashing back down. Then jump in the water to experience what it is like diving with schools of them numbering in the hundreds, if not thousands. It is one of our favorite experiences in Cabo. The tours are available in both the morning and afternoons and last 3 hours. Price includes drinks & snacks onboard, and Team Ninja conservationist guide.

$95 USD, Departs 8am or 2pm

*Please note this tour is seasonal. Availability is dependent on the arrival/departure of the mobula rays in Cabo. Usually the aggregations are in Cabo late June through late July and then again from late November through December. Please contact us for more details.

Whale Sharks & Sea Lions Combo Day Trip in La Paz

The beautiful bay of La Paz, located 2 hours drive north of Cabo, plays host to a resident colony of whale sharks as well as the largest southern rookery of California Sea Lions. This awesome combo day trip takes you to see the best of La Paz. Get in the water with both the largest fish and the sea and some of the most mischievous salty sea puppies you will ever meet. Then take a tour of the gorgeous Espiritu Santo island or explore some of La Paz beautiful uninhabited inlets and beaches. The tours are run by local marine biologists or conservationists working on research in La Paz that are happy to share their knowledge of the local area with you. Our La Paz combo day trip includes round trip transportation from Cabo to La Paz, snorkeling equipment, lunch, snacks & drinks, and expert Team Ninja guide.

$295 USD, Departs Cabo at 5 am

*Please note this tour is seasonal. Whale Shark season normally runs from October 1st until April 31st, but is subject to change. Please contact us for the latest info and details.

Dive with Whale Sharks La Paz
Dive with Whale Sharks La Paz

2 Dives Day Trip in Cabo Pulmo

After many years of fishing, when fish populations were almost depleted, the families of Cabo Pulmo decided to change their ways and create the first marine protected area in Mexico that completely banned fishing. Since it became a national park in 1995, Cabo Pulmo has been declared as an UNESCO world heritage site, a Mission Blue Hope Spot and the most successful marine protected area in Mexico. In the first 10 years of the park, the fish population grew by 400%! Nowadays, the village thrives on eco-tourism, seeing thousands of scuba divers and snorkelers every year. On our tours to Cabo Pulmo, you’ll enjoy 2 dives in the national park, and get to encounter massive schools of jacks and snapper, bull sharks, sea turtles, giant groupers and the most diverse reef species, inhabiting one of the healthiest reef systems in the Baja California peninsula.

$295 USD, Departs Cabo at 6:30am. Includes round transportation between our office and Cabo Pulmo, park fees and guide, 2 dives, water, snacks and lunch.

Rental gear: $35 full set, or $10/item

*Please note we require 3 participants to open this tour.

What if you have own transportation?

$205 USD, you should depart from Cabo at 6:00 am. Includes park fees and guide, 2 dives, water, snacks and lunch.

Rental gear: $35 full set, or $10/item

Diving with Oceanic Mantas at La Reina

This year, after a 15 year hiatus gigantic oceanic manta rays have returned to La Reina in La Paz. It has been an amazing and heartwarming spectacle to see them returning to this offshore seamount. Join Team Ninja for a day trip out to dive La Reina and experience these winged giants firsthand. Our La Reina day trip includes round trip transportation from Cabo to La Paz, 2 dives at this beautiful area, lunch, snacks & drinks, and and expert Team Ninja conservationist guide.

$250 USD, Departs Cabo at 6am
Private boat: $1,400 for up to 6 divers

*Please note this tour is seasonal. As this is the first year the mantas have been seen back at La Reina in over 15 years we are still working out the details of how long they will stay and what their season will be. We are actively working with scientists, conservationists, and researchers not only on these details but to help instate best practices to protect these beautiful creatures while they are visiting our waters. Please contact us for the latest info and details.

Diving with giant oceanic mantas at La Reina in La Paz
whaleshark snorkeling cabo san lucas mexico

Looking for something more?

In addition to scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding areas, there are countless possible activities and excursions we can offer. To name a few, blue water pelagic diving, Mobula ray migration diving or snorkeling, whale shark snorkeling day trips, day trips to Cabo Pulmo National Park, visiting natural hot springs in the sierra mountains, enjoying a picturesque natural oasis tucked into the desert mountains, trips to see the playful grey whales of Bahia Magdalena, Mexican Sardine Runs to watch striped marlin hunting, and so much more. Our team is happy to provide custom built experiences tailored to what you’d like to see and do. We pride ourselves on using our extensive local knowledge to build experiences not offered by anyone else.    Give us a shout, our ninjas love chatting about the local area and will gladly help you put together a proper ‘Dive Ninja’ vacation.

Cabo San Lucas Quick Facts

Marine Life

Humpback whales, sea lions, turtles, giant schools of jacks& snapper, schools of mobulas, eagle rays, nudibranchs, seahorses, plus our area is home to many species of sharks; such as bulls, silkies, makos, hammers & white tips.


Cabo has a sunny, arid climate and only sees about 25cm/10 inches of rain the entire year. Most of this rain falls from late August through September. The rest of the year we barely see rain or even many clouds.


Above water Cabo remains warm all year, with August and September being the hottest months. Underwater the temps vary by season, from as low as 20C/68F in late spring up to 31C/88F in autumn.


Our closest international airport is Los Cabos International (SJD). Located about 40 minutes by car from downtown Cabo San Lucas. Taxis and public transport are readily available.

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