Halloween Haunted Night Dive Special Event

By |2022-10-07T13:12:02-06:00October 7th, 2022|Baja, Cabo San Lucas, Conservation, Events, Mobula Rays, Ninja News|

Halloween Haunted Night Dive in Cabo San Lucas Join us for a special evening of Halloween night diving fun to help support Mobula ray conservation in Baja! Dive Ninja is excited to announce the 2022 dates of our annual Halloween Haunted Night Dive in Cabo San Lucas! Join us [...]

Expedition Logs: Mobula Rays June 2019

By |2020-06-10T13:56:57-06:00April 20th, 2020|Baja, Expedition Logs, Expeditions, Mobula Rays, Wildlife|

June 2019 - Mobula Ray Expedition Logs This seasons mobula ray expeditions have been awesome! So much wildlife, so many amazing places, so much fun! Here are the logs from June 2019, including conditions and sightings. Mobula Ray Expedition: May 30-June 3, 2019 [...]

Mobula Ray Expeditions Trip Report – June 2019

By |2020-04-09T20:29:40-06:00April 11th, 2020|Baja, Conservation, Expeditions, Mobula Rays, Wildlife|

Mobula Ray Expeditions Trip Report, June 2019 Our Ninja instructor Donna guided our two incredible Mobula Ray Expeditions. In this trip report, she tells us about her and the guests experiences. Introductions Our 2 mobula expeditions were based in La Paz, each was 5 days long. And each day, [...]

The Mobula Rays of Baja California Mexico

By |2019-05-29T07:42:36-06:00May 29th, 2019|Conservation, Expeditions, Mobula Rays, Wildlife|

The Magnificent Mobula Rays of Baja California, Mexico Massive schools of Mobula Munkiana, more commonly known as Munk’s Devil Rays or locally as Mobula Rays, fill the waters of the Sea of Cortez & Pacific Ocean around the southern Baja California peninsula in Mexico every year creating one of the greatest diving experiences [...]

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