Dive Ninjas joins Ally for Dolphins to Redefine Ecotourism

Team Ninja is proud to announce that we have just become the first Ally for Dolphins certified ecotourism operator in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Learn what that means for you as a consumer and how you can swim with WILD dolphins!

Dive Ninja Expeditions was born out of a passion for the incredible untouched beauty that is Baja, and the desire to share  while simultaneously protecting it. Ecotourism is a good foundation, but the framework has yet to be properly defined. By joining Ally for Dolphins’ initiative, we hope to set a new standard for ecotourism operators in Mexico and around the the world.  A standard that holds businesses accountable to the ecosystems that they work in, and their eco-conscious consumers.

Each year travelers are becoming more aware of their environmental footprint, thus tour companies are transitioning to more eco-friendly practices, or is it just false advertising? As a consumer, it is very hard to tell in today’s overwhelming market place. There is no transparency. We have seen passionate ocean lovers unknowingly book ‘whale-watching eco-tours’ with a company that also offers swimming with captive dolphins. 

PADI Freediving courses in Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Freediving courses in Cabo San Lucas

The thousands of travelers that come here every year to experience the amazing marine life we have in our own backyard, are unaware that there are over 40 dolphin aquariums right here in Mexico. Most of which are associated with resorts, large tour companies, and corporations hiding behind a mirage of conservation, and ecotourism marketing. 

Not only do we want our customers to know that we do NOT support wild animals in captivity in any way shape or form, but we want to make it easier for conscious consumers to support operations with practices that align with their own beliefs and principles. We hope to be the first of many certified businesses in the area to raise awareness of dolphin captivity, exploitation, and the overarching problem of unaccountability in the ecotourism industry. Our citizen-science tours, such as swimming with wild dolphins in Bimini, are designed to experience a species in its most natural form, with little to no human impact, while learning about the issues that they face and ways that we can help.  

Before or during your next holiday, when choosing a restaurant, tour operator, or hotel stay, check the Ally for Dolphins website for approved operators, to ensure they support ecotourism and put the welfare of dolphins first. In addition, they promote sustainable practices such as: reef safe sunscreen, refusing single-use plastic, and sourcing from local communities.  Get involved in the movement to “Empty the Tanks,” by telling your favorite business to join Ally for Dolphins. Collectively, as consumers, we have the power to define and enforce the principles of ecotourism with each dollar we spend, which will determine what magical places will remain in the years to come.

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