Big Dive Ninja Announcements for 2019!

As we close out an amazing year and get ready to rock for the new year, Team Ninja’s very own Jay Clue takes a look at where we are and more importantly where we are heading for 2019. There is a lot of big news in this article so you’ll definitely want to take a minute to read it through to the end.

Happy New Year Ninjas!

This past year has been mind-blowing! We got to explore so many beautiful places around the world with you. American Crocodiles in Chinchorro, Oceanic Mantas at Socorro, unbelievably color filled reefs in Fiji, swimming with Humpback Whales in Silver Bank, and so much more. All the while here at the Ninja HQ in Los Cabos we’ve seen giant schools of mobula rays, curious whales, pods of orcas, schools of hammerheads, insane bait balls being hunted by hundreds of striped marlin, and the list just keeps going on and on. But best of all we got to meet so many new people along the way and are so happy to welcome you all into our ninja family. Personally for me, this was the best part of the year. We can’t begin to thank you enough for such an incredible year. 

Sunset over Banco Chinchorro
Diving with striped marlin in Mexico

Where do we go from here

We’ve been working hard to continuously build Dive Ninjas. We are always researching & scouting to create even more amazing experiences for you to join us on. Our new Ninja HQ is finally open in Cabo San Lucas and Baja is blowing up right now. Over the past couple months we’ve been seeing tons of articles, documentaries, and viral videos coming from our area. While this would have any normal entrepreneur seeing dollar signs, it instead has left me contemplating on how we should approach the future.  I’ve been wondering, how can we give you, our ninja family, an even greater experience. And how can we do it while maintaining a conservation-minded approach that is sustainable and helps protect our precious natural resources. Lastly, how can we set the bar even higher so that others in the industry will hopefully follow suit.

I have to admit that when we started Dive Ninjas just under 2 years ago, I was fed up with the industry. I wanted something different. I was tired of seeing how dive shops operated and treated guests as just another dollar sign. I was angered with reading posts & hearing never-ending stories of how bad diver training has become or how much we’ve destroyed our oceans.  All of this culminated into a fire from which Team Ninja would be born. Our goal at the time was simple, we would be the change we wanted to see in the industry and this still rings true today. 

What to expect in 2019

As I sit here reflecting on the last year, I believe a slight adjustment in direction is needed if we are to maintain our goal of not becoming another run of the mill dive operator. We should realign with our roots and for 2019 this is exactly what we will do. Our focus will move away from the local one-off activities to put our energy into creating more of the expeditions & experiences that have helped us stand as a gleaming beacon in contrast to the majority of the industry.

First and foremost, our focus has and always will be our passion for exploration and adventure. We will continue to provide jaw dropping experiences through our trips, expeditions, and diver training. But in the coming weeks we will begin to only offer local activities as part of our new program of mini expeditions in Cabo San Lucas & Baja California Sur.  These are essentially mini dive packages that you can book and customize any time of year to get a taste of Baja, or to learn about & get involved in conservation, or to revisit your favorite spots. Our diver training program will now become fully private, unless it is a course where you would benefit more from having other students to learn alongside. We are doing this because we want to give you an unrivaled personal experience as well as lead by example as we strive for a higher level of quality in the industry.  

Diving with Mantas in the Maldives
Make our planet great again, Regi Domingo Nakawe Project

Rise of the Dive Ninja Ocean Warriors

Next month we will see the release of the Dive Ninja Ocean Warriors program. This new part of our family will be purely focused on marine conservation, research, activism, and education. It will work hand in hand with different NGOs & research centers as we continue to build more citizen science and conservation focused trips and expeditions. It will offer spotlights on some of the remarkable humans and organizations working so hard to help protect our planet and all its inhabitants. As well as feature free informational downloads, tips on how to get involved, conservation news, and a lot more. We want to give you the tools to help us change the world.

And, there’s more!

These may be the 2 biggest announcements of 2019, but it doesn’t end there. We have a lot of amazing events lined up, such as our special freediving training week this February in Cabo with the wonderful ninjas from Amancay Freediving, round 2 of the kick ass all female ninjas Girls That Scuba Day on March 2nd featuring incredible women in the industry, new citizen science & conservation focused expeditions with the warriors at Nakawe Project similar to our #NakaweNinjas Striped Marlin Expeditions, and a new series of conservation talks and events. Plus be on the look-out for a ton of new ninja trips; Cocos, Palau, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Orcas, and more. It is going to be a truly astounding year. And I can’t wait to share it with every one of you and to make so many more ninja friends and family members this year. Here’s to an awesome 2019!

If you have questions on any of our new projects or anything at all feel free to shoot us an email or call. Your ninjas are standing by ready for action.

Jay Clue, Silver Bank Written by:

Jay Clue

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