Official REOPENING Announcement!

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Official REOPENING Announcement! JUNE 30, 2020 UPDATE : The port captain of Cabo San Lucas has decided to close the port to all water activities except sport fishing (yep, we know what you're thinking...). We are currently awaiting a new update from the governor of Baja California Sur and the Los Cabos port [...]

Ninja Gift Cards

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A New Way To Share Your Love To The Ocean What's better then gifting an awesome ocean adventure to someone special? Dive Ninjas are happy to be offering our new Ninja Gift Cards! The perfect gift for any ocean lover The Gift of Ninja Adventure Dive Ninjas Gift Cards [...]

Crossing the Scuba/Freedive Divide

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Crossing the Scuba/Freedive Divide Ever wonder what’s it like to be an avid scuba diver who dips his/her fin into the freediving pool?  Here’s what Sze Wei thought! But I’m a Scuba Diver!  Why Freedive? I was a scuba diver with several hundred dives logged when I started getting [...]

Special Diving Courses from the Couch

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Special Diving Courses From the Couch Dive Ninjas will be offering  scuba, freediving, and photography courses from the comfort of your own couch so you can stay safe, stay home, and use this time to learn something new and exciting for your next trip!  Quarantined Ninjas Rejoice! Team Ninja wants [...]

Scuba Vs Freediving

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Scuba Vs Freediving What is a better skill to have? Should I do a Freediver course or an Open Water course? If I am a scuba diver, should I do a freediving course? Do you prefer Freediving or scuba diving? Many of our students and guests ask me questions like these. And the [...]

Dive Ninjas opens first PADI Freediving Center in Los Cabos

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Dive Ninjas opens first PADI Freediving Center in Los Cabos Dive Ninjas recently announced the opening of the first PADI Freediving Center in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - another Ninja first! Freediving Ninjas! Team Ninja recently added another awesome way to spend your time in Los Cabos by announcing the opening [...]

Why Should I Take a Freediving Course?

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Why Should I Take a Freediving Course? To kick off the launch of our new Ninja Freediving School we have asked Lucrecia Fabre, founder of Amancay Freediving - one of Mexico's top freediving schools - to help answer one of the biggest questions we see in the sport! Why should I take a [...]