Special Diving Courses From the Couch

Dive Ninjas will be offering  scuba, freediving, and photography courses from the comfort of your own couch so you can stay safe, stay home, and use this time to learn something new and exciting for your next trip! 

Quarantined Ninjas Rejoice!

Team Ninja wants to help those of you stuck at home to make the most of your precious time by offering you the opportunity to learn new skills. Kids can study for their Open Water course with hopes of future adventures, while the adults enjoy some quiet time! From underwater photography, nitrox, technical diving, videography, Project Aware, to specialty courses; whether you are new to the underwater world or a seasoned dive ninja, the opportunities are endless.  No, we are not going to come to your house, and no, you do not need a really big bathtub. Our instructors will work with you 1-on-1, via video chat and screen sharing to demonstrate, teach, and answer questions. 

Who wants to spend hours of their vacation time in a classroom with a dive instructor learning theory and taking tests, when you could be relaxing on the beach in Cabo San Lucas? Imagine if you could complete all the theory, videos, instruction, tests, while having the expertise of an instructor to answer all of your questions before you leave home for your trip. When you arrive, all that is left is the fun stuff, aka ocean required activities.

PADI Freediving courses in Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Freediving courses in Cabo San Lucas

Learning a new skill before your next visit to Baja California Sur, could help you get the most out of your experience here. To dive the incredible Gordo Banks,  we require advanced and nitrox certifications. Nitrox can be fully completed via video chat, plus a few hours with an instructor, and five fun dives in our marine park when you arrive will get you an advanced certification. Then, you are ready to see the enormous schools of  scalloped hammerheads, and other pelagic life that call this site home. Something to look forward to, to say the least!

If you are looking for instant gratification, and would like to receive a certification card in the mail right away, no problem. Our equipment specialist course will teach you how your equipment works, how to care for it, and how to repair if it experiences minor fails. The entire course can be done online. If you are interested in learning more about sharks, coral reefs, fish, or the ocean in general, you can become a fully certified PADI Project AWARE specialty diver and make a world of difference…from home!

Do you have underwater photos and videos from your last trip that you never bothered to edit? We can help you with that! Even if you are interested in the basics of underwater photography or videography, we have workshops and courses from beginner to advanced. Our in-house photo pro, Jay Clue, has curated these to cover composition, gear, post production, and so much more. We can work on old photos, above or underwater until you can come for a dive with us. Then, the next time you join one of our citizen-science expeditions, you will be getting those iconic shots of the striped marlins, mobula rays, and sharks, that you see on our facebook and instagram.

A great gift for yourself or for a loved one! If you are interested in beginning or continuing your diving education, please contact us and we would be happy to let you know what we have available and how it works. Our instructors are on stand-by, and are looking forward to your call;)

Scuba Dive In Dive Ninjas Office In Cabo San Lucas

Shark diving in The Bahamas with Dive Ninja Expeditions


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