Women’s Dive Day event 2022

It’s back! And we are so excited for this years event. Read on to learn about our special Women’s Dive Day event on July 16, 2022 in Cabo. 

After 2 long years, Dive Ninja is excited to announce the return of our annual PADI Women’s Dive Day event on Saturday July 16, 2022 at our home in Cabo San Lucas. To make up for lost time we wanted to bring you something very special for this year! The day will kick off with an awesome, all female 2 dives tour in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, led by 2 of our awesome ninja instructors, Donna and Monik! But you know us, we always wanted to take it to the next level. So we’ve invited 3 super special guests to join the dives; Danna Moore, Global Director of Project AWARE; marine scientist & co-founder of Mobula Conservation Project, Marta Palacios; and the founder of Women’s Dive Day herself, Katie Thompson, Global Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at PADI. 

These 3 remarkable women have dedicated their lives to the preservation & conservation of our planet’s oceans and the communities tied to them. After a morning of laughs, smiles and awesome diving in the marine park we will kick off our afternoon session with inspiring talks by Danna, Katie, and Marta learning about their journeys as well as Q&A sessions over snacks & drinks to close out the day.  Check out the bios below to learn more about these special guests and grab your tickets today. This event has limited space and will sell out fast. 

PADI Women's Dive Day event in Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur, Mexico


As a thank you to the Baja dive community that has supported us and shown us so much love these past years Dive Ninja will cover 60% of the cost for any local female diver that wants to join the event — meaning you can join the entire days activities for 800 MX pesos or $40 USD including 2 dives, tanks, weights, snacks on the boat, a light lunch, and entry to the afternoon talks with Danna, Katie, and Marta. 

Locals: $40 USD / 800 MXN

Normal: $90 USD 

Book online by clicking the button below, or stop the Dive Ninja store to grab your ticket today. 

Our Special Guests

Danna Moore

Global Director of PADI AWARE 

With 15 years experience in conservation, Danna has advocated and built programs to fight marine debris, climate change, habitat destruction and overfishing across the world. As Global Director, Danna leads the AWARE Foundation’s international team across three charities – developing the overarching conservation strategy, overseeing global operations and advancing key conservation programs that strive to create positive change for our planet’s waterways on both an international and local scale. 

Danna Moore, Project AWARE at PADI Women's Dive Day in Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Katie Thompson at PADI Women's Dive Day in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Katie Thompson

Founder of Women’s Dive Day
Global Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at PADI Worldwide

Katie’s passion for exploring and protecting the underwater world brought her to PADI almost a decade ago in hopes of driving impact globally. During her tenure at the organization, she has worked with teams to increase pathways to the underwater world through new programs like the PADI Pillars of Change and PADI Women in Diving. By empowering and inspiring more people to start, keep, or teach diving, Katie hopes to transform more lives for the better and create new stewards for the ocean.

Marta Palacios

Marine Scientist & Co Founder Mobula Conservation Project

Marta D. Palacios is a Marine Biologist with extensive experience in the study of endangered marine species. She has collaborated in the research of freshwater dolphins in the Amazon, penguins in New Zealand, coral reefs in Indonesia, and diver environmental impact in Ecuador. In a collaboration with Manta Trust and The Charles Darwin Foundation, she studied the Oceanic Manta and Mobula Ray population in the Galapagos Marine Reserve where she realized the urgency of studying these amazing creatures to help in their protection. She returned to Baja to co-found Mobula Conservation and identified the first nursery area for a Mobula species in the world.

Marta Palacios, Mobula Scientist at PADI Womens Dive Day 2022