So What’s More Dangerous Than Sharks? #2

So who’s scared of sharks, and their alleged man eating ways?  Do they really feast on humans? (Answer – No).  Let’s take a closer look at the facts, and explore some more everyday things that turn out to be more dangerous than sharks!

Media Misrepresentation

Sharks definitely have an excellent case against the media and film industry, for inaccurate representation and reputation damage.  Lots of people, heavily influenced by JAWS, would be deathly afraid of getting into the water if there’s even a chance that sharks will be around. Is this at all justified?  Let’s take a look at the facts.  According to the International Shark Attack File, sharks only accounted for 5 human deaths in 2019, which is in line with the annual global average of 4 fatalities per year.  Hmm… maybe not such a fearsome people killer after all? To think this through, let’s take a look at some things that are more dangerous than sharks!

bull shark diving in Fiji
Lightning - beautiful, awe inspiring, and more dangerous than sharks


Lightning – or huge electrostatic discharges between thunderclouds and the ground, make the most impressive natural light shows, as well as great stories about Benjamin Franklin and kites.  Being hit by a lightning bolt is often used as a euphemism for something that is really unlikely to happen.  However, globally 2,000 people a year are killed by lightning.  Yet, we wouldn’t think twice about going out during a thunderstorm if we had to (aside from the annoyance of getting soaked), or even fly through one on a plane.  Swimming with sharks should be a dodder by comparison!


Man’s best friend, and most faithful companion!  We live in a society that totally approves of dogs.  From Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, to Bruiser the gay Chihuahua in Legally Blonde, dogs are portrayed overwhelmingly positively in popular culture, helping us poor confused humans find our way.  They’re way more trustworthy than the always hungry shark.  However, dog attacks cause 30 deaths a year in the US alone.  Statistically, you’re safer swimming with sharks in the ocean, than walking with dogs in the park.

Dogs - our favourite companion, but more harmful than sharks!
Celebratory champagne corks - cause more fatalities a year than sharks

Champagne Corks

Get ready to pop that magnum of bubbly for New Year’s!  But maybe take out some insurance before going ahead!  An average of 24 deaths a year are caused by flying Champagne corks, with more than a third occurring at weddings.  It’s a sobering thought – a soft projectile bottle topper causes more deaths than the most dangerous predator in the ocean!  I think I’d prefer scuba diving bubbles!

Hot Water Taps

Having hot water on tap is one of those modern conveniences we couldn’t imagine living without, particularly for those living in colder climes.  I’d hate to have to do the dishes without a functioning hot water tap!  However, these taps are responsible for 100 deaths a year in the US alone, due to scalding and serious burns.  It just shows that we should take more care around the house, and less time worrying about shark attacks.

The convenience of hot water on tap - more dangerous than sharks
The Grand Canyon - majestic, and riskier than swimming with sharks

The Grand Canyon

One of America’s mightiest sights, attracting 5 million visitors a year!  With breathtaking views, stunning sunrise and sunsets, and so much nature on offer – sign me up for a trip now!  But, you do need to bear in mind than in an average year, these beautiful, huge yawning fissures racks up about a dozen fatalities.  However, people still flock to admire it’s natural beauty – and by the same token, we should admire and respect sharks in their ocean home.  Majestic nature, not mindless killers.

Want to learn why sharks are friends, not foes?  Sign up for a Project AWARE Shark Conservation Course.

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