Dive Ninja Featured in National Geographic’s 7 Conservation Focused Dive Destinations Around the World

“Our oceans are under immense environmental threat, but a raft of operators and organisations are offering the chance for travellers to get involved and make a difference beneath the waves.” –STEPHANIE CAVAGNARO, National Geographic

Dive Ninja Expeditions has been recognized by National Geographic as one of their 7 choices for conservation-focused dive destinations around the world. The article is printed in their May 2021 issue as well as online. It spans 7 countries from Portugal to Indonesia, looking at incredible conservation focused diving opportunities around the world with Dive Ninja Expeditions representing Mexico in the number 2 slot globally.  The article shows some awesome projects that you can join on your next dive trip from coral monitoring and restoration in the Caribbean to diving against debris in Portugal or aiding whale shark identification research in the Maldives and learning about the critically important mangroves of Indonesia. Dive Ninja was highlighted for multiple projects including as our Mobula Ray Conservation expeditions, Striped Marlin Citizen Science expeditions, our Dive Against Debris programs & conservation courses in Cabo San Lucas, and our free online webinar series, Ocean Stories. As leaders in sustainable tourism; marine research and conservation sits at the core of everything we do at Dive Ninjas. Here are some unique conservation diving activities and marine research and projects you can do with us on your next trip and while you’re at home! 

National Geographic 7 conservation focused dive destinations
Manta ray citizen science research trip to Socorro

Join one of our citizen science & conservation expeditions.

Baja California is home to over 39% of the worlds marine mammal species, 800 species of fish, and ⅓ of the worlds cetacean species – making it one of the best places to not only dive but also to observe diverse species and migratory behaviours throughout the year: striped marlins in the fall, giant whales in the winter, huge schools of mobulas in the summer, multiple shark species throughout the year. Working with numerous scientists, researchers and conservationists, our multi-day expeditions combine learning from highly-qualified and knowledgeable professionals with unique aquatic encounters while helping to contribute to ongoing research and conservation programs. Check out our full list of Baja expeditions for more details. But it’s not only in Baja, Dive Ninja also runs conservation focused trips around the world to some of the worlds most sought after dive destinations. Join us to learn about shark and ray conservation in Cocos Island, or citizen science projects in Socorro, wild dolphins in Bimini, shark research in the Bahamas, megafauna research in the Philippines, and more! Check out our upcoming trip schedule and join us for the next adventure! 

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As a PADI 5-Star Dive Center and 5 -Star Instructor Development Center (IDC) with a core focus on helping develop the next generation of ocean defenders, our programs are unlike anything else in the industry. You will not only learn to dive and advance your skills or career as a dive professional but also develop the tools and understanding needed to help protect the ocean. We offer various conservation courses from standard Project AWARE Specialties like the AWARE Shark Conservation Course and Dive Against Debris Course to our own PADI Whale Defender Distinctive Specialty that was created right here at Dive Ninjas.  Our dive professional courses and programs such as the PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor courses in Cabo San Lucas have all been specially curated to include additional workshops and courses to not only help you become a world class dive professional, but also give you the tools to make a positive difference for our oceans no matter where your career may take you.   For more info on our professional diving programs check out our dedicated website at www.IDCLosCabos.com

Dive Ninja PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Ocean Stories, a series of over 40 free webinars on marine research, conservation, and more

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Can’t travel yet? Check out our YouTube channel for our Ocean Stories Web Stories. This pandemic-launched initiative includes over 40 episodes of conversations with some of the brightest minds in marine science, conservation, & photography covering topics like The Bull Sharks of Cabos Pulmo, Marine Ecotourism & Environmental Awareness, An Intro to Coral Reefs, Sustainable Product Swaps, Hammerhead Sharks, and lots more. 

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