Ocean Stories: Connecting us all through our love for the Ocean

Feeling disconnected and far from the ocean and all of your salty friends during this isolating time? Well, we have a solution! We have created a platform to connect us all to those working at the forefront of ocean conservation. Find out how we are streaming scientists, conservations, and award-winning photographers straight to your living room for free, and what inspired this new ninja project.

What is Ocean Stories?

Scientists, shark divers, photographers, and leaders in the industry will share their stories with you via live steam. You can tune in with with your family, friends, or quarantine buddies to learn something new and connect with some amazing people who have some interesting stories to tell from their not so average 9-5 jobs.Each presenter, from the global community of like-minded individuals working to protect our oceans, will give a ‘ted-talk’ style presentation or workshop. Each presentation will last around 30 minutes, with a 10-15 minute Q&A session afterwards with the audience. They are all 100% FREE to join, kid friendly, and available to everyone! They will also be recording the talks so that if you can’t make it to the live version you can still watch it later.

Humpback whale mother and calf
Humpback whale breaching

Why we created Ocean Stories

Utilizing exploration, education, and conservation, Dive Ninja’s mission has always been to create citizen science experiences that connect scientists with passionate scuba divers and freedivers from around the world. But in light of the current situation, without the ability to explore or travel, we have had to get creative! We wanted to give everyone a break from the bad news that is permeating the global mindset and instead highlight all of the positive things that so many scientists and activists are doing right here in Baja and all around the globe for our incredible blue planet. We hope that Ocean Stories brings a little fresh air into everyones homes and hope back into the collective consciousness until the next time that we can all be joined together again for some salty adventures.

Shark Week Starts Next Week!

We are kicking off the project with a shark-filled first week, starting on March 29th with an introduction from our founder Jay Clue, then the rest of the week is dominated by one-of-a-kind women and of course, sharks! Shark conservationist & stuntwoman, Liz Parkinson will be talking about working with sharks in film and conservation. Shark scientist, Dr Frida Lara of Pelagios Kakunja, will be talking about the bull sharks in the UNSECO World Heritage Site of Cabo Pulmo. Jillian Morris Brake, founder of Sharks4Kids, will be giving a special talk for kids & families introducing the little ninjas to the world of sharks. But its not all sharks, in the following weeks we will have a freediving breathing workshop to help us relax during these stressful times, a shark photography workshop by photo pro Simon Lorenz of Insider Divers, an intro to hammerheads by shark scientist, Pete Rodriguez Arana, and even a talk on the sharks & rays of Ireland by Grace Marie Carr. Oh, wait… that’s more sharks! Just kidding, in the coming days we will be releasing more dates and talks on everything from coral restoration, manta rays, sea lions, ocean communities, huge mobula ray aggregations, striped marlin, orcas, diving off the grid, exploring the baja peninsula, and so much more. There’s even a very special talk from the renowned, multi-award winning photographer and conservationist, Alex Kydd of Ningaloo Reef! To check out the full schedule of talks, click here. Stay up to date with the latest additions on our Instagram and Facebook!

Humpback whale and calf