10 Reasons to Add Fiji to Your Dive Log

Deep in the Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, lies one of the planets most diverse diving destinations. Fiji’s natural formations and unique location along the ocean currents create a perfect synergy giving birth to some of the healthiest reefs and most beautiful diving you can find. The chain of 332 islands boasts an incredible reef ecosystem with an array of vibrant colors and marine life not seen in many other places. Here’s our top 10 reasons why Fiji should be on every dive ninja’s bucket list.

More than 390 Species of Coral

Appropriately nicknamed ‘the soft coral capital of the world’ by the famous underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, the warm clear waters of Fiji have something for every ocean lover. Macro life? Check. Big pelagics? Got it. More colors than a psychedelic music video? Yup! Take a dive into the Vatu-I-Ra passage  between the two main islands of Fiji (Viti Levu and Vanua Levu), and experience a visual color palate unseen anywhere else on earth. This nutrient rich area is fed by swift currents that provide food for its magnificent coral and all of its inhabitants.

More than 1200 Fish Species

The Island of Kadavu  is surrounded by the Great Astrolabe Reef, one of the largest barrier reefs in the world. This reef attracts an array of fish species from the tiny to the tremendous, Fiji boasts it all. Get lost in a sea of Marlin, Mantas, Tuna, Mahi-mahi, Snapper, Grouper, Java Morays, Maori Wrasse, Pacific Sailfish, the famed Big Bumphead Parrotfish, and many more.

5 of the World’s 7 Sea Turtle Species

Looking to hang out with some of the ocean’s current surfing ninjas? Fiji plays host to the rare, critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle (IUCN Red List), the Green, Olive Ridley, Leatherback, and Loggerhead turtles. The Hawksbill, Leatherback, and Green Turtle can be seen nesting from October to April.

Unique Macro Life

Fiji is a macro paradise. The reefs offer a wealth of tiny little ninjas to search out. From tons of exotic nudibranch species to peacock mantis shrimp, ornate ghost pipe fish, harlequin shrimp, and so many more. The Dark Blue Pygmy Angelfish also known as the Velvet Blue Angelfish has only been found in the waters around Fiji, making this a unique discovery for any diver. This tiny fish often appears black until light is cast on it turning it a beautiful blue. Another great find is the Pygmy Seahorse, which can be spotted with the keen eye in the reefs around the island of Tavarua.

Pelagic Encounters in Fiji

As you probably already know, we at Team Ninja love the pelagic giants! There is nothing more beautiful than sharing the water with some of the titans of the sea.  Dive the outer reefs and passages of Fiji for the chance to catch some of the several shark species that call Fiji home, including Bull, Tiger, Silvertip, Leopard, Grey Reef, and Nurse sharks. But it doesn’t end there, keep an eye out for giant Manta rays, tuna, wahoo, dolphins and even the occasional whale shark too.

A Photographers Dream

If photography is your passion you have come to the right place, the pristine blue waters, vibrant colors, and beautiful corals make Fiji a photographer’s dream. Combine that with an underwater visibility that regularly exceeds 30m/100ft plus endless amounts of macro and wide angle opportunities and you’re going to be burning through some SD cards.

Underwater Landscapes

Although the lush coral gardens are one of Fiji’s high points, other amazing landscapes await you. From caverns and tunnels, to spectacular rock formations, every turn is a photo op waiting to happen. Make sure to head down into the Somosomo Strait to see the amazing White Wall and Rainbow Reef. And don’t forget to pack those extra SD cards!

Fiji Liveaboard Trips

With so many islands and sites to explore, a liveaboard in Fiji is the best way to see it all. All-inclusive live aboard ships are available to make your journey from reef to reef a relaxing and pleasurable voyage. Check out a week long adventure with Aggressor Liveaboards or Siren that will show you the best Fiji has to offer and get to see all those spots you can’t reach from the day boats and resorts. As well most of the ships offer up to 5 dives a day for the hardcore dive ninjas that would rather spend more time blowing bubbles than on the surface.

Amazing Local Culture 

In Fiji diving is only one of the extraordinary experiences you will encounter in this south pacific paradise. The Fijian culture and hospitality will also leave you with an ever lasting impression. Fijians are known to be some of the friendliest people in the world, with wide smiles and open hearts. Trust us when we say you are never going to want to leave. Make sure to visit one of the islands for a kava ceremony, delicious local cuisine, dancing, and lots of warm local culture.

A Plethora of Dive Sites

Four thousand square miles of incredible coral reef can be found in the Fiji islands. Don’t miss out on some of the best dive sites in the world. Visit Frigates Passage and see giant gorgonian fans and the many fish, Reef Sharks, Barracuda, Turtles and don’t miss out on the Tasu II Wreck. Take a dive at Caesars’ Rocks and investigate colorful tunnels and caverns. Visit Bega Lagoon for what’s been called one of the best shark dives in the world. Hit the cleaning station at Golden Rock for giant mantas as well as blue ribbon eels and cleaner shrimp. Watch sunbathing Sea Snakes at Side Streets. Explore Shark Fin Point where on most dives you will see a large school of about 500 barracudas, eagle rays, many white tip sharks, lots of grey reefs, lobster, eels, and even the occasional whale shark. Head down to Nasici Rocks with amazing overhangs covered in fans, anemones, and spectacular reef fish. Check out the beauty at the Tukini wall and its turtle inhabitants. Take an adventure out to Fantasea for some stunning corals and colors. And finally head into the Twilight Zone for exciting currents along a wall covered in giant gorgonian fans and ancient black coral bushes offering shelter to hundreds of fish species.

Excited? If you have started packing your bags for Fiji you should check our Ninja Dive Travel Network for great dive deals, or give us shout and we will make sure to include you on our next trip to Fiji.