2018 Socorro Manta Research Trip

Team Ninja rejoins forces with the amazing crew of the Quino El Guardian liveaboard vessel to offer a truly unique opportunity in April 2018! We had such a blast last year we could not help but to charter the ship and journey back to the remote volcanic islands of the Revillagigedo Archipelago!

You are cordially invited to take a walk in the shoes (or rather, dive in the fins) of a marine biologist on this ninja voyage. The Citizen Science Program is a chance for non-scientist divers to participate in exciting marine research activities alongside esteemed experts.

You’ll find yourself learning how they tag and track mantas, helping with photo identification, and even learning why researchers now believe these beautiful creatures may have a form of higher consciousness! And no pressure – each diver is invited to contribute to the research process as little or as much as he/she wants during the trip.

Besides getting to be involved in this awesome research, perhaps the best reason for coming with us is the chance to become best friends with these gigantic, majestic Manta rays. Something in the Socorro waters make the local mantas the friendliest ones in the entire world. These curious giants (they can grow up to 23 feet/7 meters wide!) will actively seek out divers, join you for a swim, play in your bubbles, and even wait for you to return on your next dive.

The remoteness of these Pacific islands means that the wildlife here thrives freely. When not playing with mantas, you may get a chance to see entire schools of hammerheads as well as 9 other species of sharks, playful dolphins (who apparently like belly rubs), and huge clouds of fish. If we are super lucky we may even catch some humpback whales as they begin their migration back to Alaska. These islands are truly the place where dreams come true.

Included in the cost are: 4 guided dives daily (conditions permitting), all your delicious meals and snacks, beer and wine, full accommodation and housekeeping, as well as air and weights. Join us April 15 – 24, 2018 for the chance to tell your friends about the time you moonlighted as a marine biologist on a remote dive paradise adventure. To find out more or to sign up now click here. Please note, this trip has limited availability and will sell out fast! Our last Socorro trip sold out in 7 days. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, 10 May 2017.

Giant Pacific Manta Ray Scuba Diving trip to Socorro