Girls That Scuba Gentle Giants Expedition 2019

March 1-9, 2019 // SOLD OUT! Contact us for waiting list.

Every winter the Baja California peninsula witnesses an incredible migration of thousands of whales. These gentle giants make the long journey from the cold waters up north to meet new mates and give birth to their young. The waters surrounding Baja are known for having the greatest concentration of migrating marine mammals in the entire world. Join Girls That Scuba as they team up with Dive Ninja Expeditions for a front row seat to this beautiful spectacle of nature!

These unique expeditions can only take place in a tiny few week window when the 3 largest migrations cross over each other. Male humpbacks put on an amazing show as they search for new mates – breaching out of the water and slapping the waters surface with their fluke. Curious grey whales pop their heads out of the water only inches from the boat to say hello. And gigantic blue whales, the largest animal to have ever existed on earth, cruise below the waves. This is a chance to see these gentle giants in their natural habitat. 

baja whale watching
Humpback Whale Breaching Cabo San Lucas
Dive with Whale Sharks La Paz
gray whale watching in Lopez Mateo mexico

What to Expect

Our exclusive expedition begins the day before GTS Day Cabo 2019. You’ll check into your accommodation and then meet the team for a tour introduction. Then the next day we will kick things off at Girls That Scuba Day 2019 in Cabo with an all girls scuba dive and humpback whale watching tour.  If you haven’t been to a GTS event yet, make sure to check out this article on the last one we held in Cabo! We had so much fun and couldn’t wait to team up with Girls That Scuba again for another awesome day! The next day we’ll head out for a blue water shark excursion. March is usually an awesome time to spot Makos! The next morning we’ll be up early and drive 5 hours north to Bahia Magdalena to look for the curious grey whales in this area. The interactions here are unlike anything we have ever experienced in the world. The next day we’ll shoot over to Loreto on the Sea of Cortez and get ready to look for the biggest animal to have ever existed on earth – the mighty blue whale. The next morning we’ll pack up and head south to La Paz to visit their resident colony of Whale Sharks with our Marine Biologist friends. Then our last day will be spent exploring the beautiful bay of La Paz, Espiritu Santo, and snorkeling with their huge colony of mischievous California Sea Lion puppies! After a beautiful day out on the ocean we’ll make the last drive of the trip, returning to our starting point in Cabo San Lucas for the last night. Your package price for this trip includes all of this and maybe some more surprises along the way!

Package Details

The cost for this exclusive GTS expedition is $2,400 USD and includes accommodation (on a double occupancy basis), all activities, transportation, marine park fees, rental snorkeling gear (for the sharks, whale shark, & sea lion excursions), and entrance to GTS Day Cabo 2019. The only items not included are meals (exceptions are lunch will be provided on full day boat tours, and some of the accommodations offer breakfast), rental scuba gear for GTS Day crew gratuity/tip (10-15% is recommended but is at your discretion) and transaction fees if paying for your trip via credit/debit card or Paypal. We recommend using Transferwise for cheap international wire transfers.  Ready to sign up?  Click here now to secure your space! There are only 5 spots available for this special trip! 

Interested in coming in early or staying a few days later to check out more of Cabo and the surrounding areas? We offer a full range of diving and activities at our Cabo San Lucas location.  Feel free to give us a shout, our ninjas love chatting about the local area and will gladly help you put together a proper ‘Ninja’ itinerary.

Girls That Scuba Day with Dive Ninja Expeditions in Cabo San Lucas

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