Saltwater Crocs, Whale Sharks, & Cenotes, oh my!

This August spend 9 days exploring the secret side of Mexico’s Mayan Riviera with Team Ninja!

**ONLY 3 SPACES LEFT!** Our exclusive Ninja Mayan Summer Expedition features the best of the Mayan Riviera. And we aren’t talking resort littered streets or packed out tourist beaches. We’re heading off the beaten track in search of gigantic whale sharks, sacred Mayan cenotes, remote reef diving in Xcalak Mexico & the infamous Banco Chinchorro, but best of all, getting up close & personal with crocodiles.  We’ve handled all of the logistics involved with the trip so you can enjoy a stress free expedition through one of the most diverse areas for diving one can possibly visit. Join us August 10-18, 2018 for an adventure deeper into the Mayan Riviera than most ever see. 

Diving in Xcalak Mexico

We’ll spend 2 days diving stunning reefs amongst massive schools of Tarpon in Xcalak, a remote but beautiful fishing village near the Belizan border. Xcalak’s marine park is home to an incredible variety of life and many of the pristine reefs there feature gorgeous coral formations and spectacular sun-lit swim throughs to explore.  If we’re lucky we may even spot one of Xcalak’s resident manatee population. 

Dive with schools of tarpon in Xcalak MexicoDive with crocodiles in Xcalak Mexico
Scuba diving reefs in Banco Chinchorro and Xcalak Mexico

Diving in Banco Chinchorro

Nestled off the Eastern Coast of Xcalak Mexico just North of Belize, Banco Chinchorro is the largest reef atoll on this side of the world. Beneath crystal clear Caribbean  waters lie gorgeous, untouched reefs. The atoll itself is essentially uninhabited (except for a small military installation and a couple fishing huts), so we can enjoy some truly off-the-grid diving. We’ll spend the night sleeping in fishing huts on right on the water. 

Swimming with Saltwater Crocodiles

You’d never expect to find crocodiles off of an atoll in the middle of the ocean, but Banco Chinchorro has a thriving population of them and we have the incredibly unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with these beautiful misunderstood creatures. You can expect up close encounters with these living dinosaurs. We’ll spend 2 days in the water with them before heading back to our base camp in Xcalak. 

Dive with crocodiles in Chinchorro Mexico
Scuba diving in mayan cenotes Mexico

Diving Sacred Mayan Cenotes

After leaving Xcalak, we’ll begin our journey back north and spend a day diving in the sacred Mayan cenotes. Cenotes are freshwater caverns scattered throughout the Mayan Riviera. These unique places feature breathtaking formations and laser-like light beams streaming into crystal clear water from the jungle above. Diving the cenotes is a rare opportunity to explore what lies under the jungle. 

Swimming with Whale Sharks

We’ve saved something big for last — whale sharks. For the grand finale of our trip, we’ll swim with the biggest fish in the world off the coast of Isla Contoy. We have chartered a private boat to take us to where these gentle giants migrate to feed on plankton during the summer months. We’ll be able to get incredibly close to them and watch them as they feed. Last year there were over 100 whale sharks in the area when we went!

dive with whale sharks in Mexico