Liveaboard Dive Travel in Mexico

Mexico has long been a favorite dive travel destination amongst divers from around the globe, and for good reason. Diving in Mexico, you will see an incredibly diverse and abundant array of marine life both large and small. In addition, Mexico’s warm climate, calm waters, and excellent visibility, give it ideal conditions for divers of all skill levels. Not sure where in Mexico to add to your logbook next? Here’s a bit more information about our 3 most popular liveaboard itineraries in Mexico:

Socorro Dive with giant manta rays

Isla Socorro & The Revillagigedo Archipelago

Season: November – June
Known For: Big pelagic animals
Marine Life: Giant pacific mantas, sharks, humpback whales, dolphins

The remote volcanic islands of Revillagigedo are host to an impressive array of pelagic life. Often referred to as “the Mexican Galapagos,” the Revillagigedo Islands are the perfect diving destination for those who want to spot and dive with large marine life. Here, it is commonplace for the giant manta rays to come right up to divers and lock eyes with them. In addition, we often see breaching humpback whales, playful dolphins, and schools of wahoo, tuna, and jacks. Socorro is home to more than 10 species of sharks, including schooling hammerheads, silky sharks, galapagos, tigers and even the occasional whale shark. Contact us today for more info!

Isla Guadalupe

Season: July – October
Known For: Cage diving
Marine Life: Great white sharks, whales, tuna, jacks, seals

Just 180 miles off the coast of Mexico lies Isla Guadalupe. Between July and October, hundreds of great white sharks can be found In the waters off of the remote Mexican island. A liveaboard trip to Guadalupe Island is the best way to spend some time diving alongside these majestic predators. In the beginning of the season, you will most likely see male white sharks, but later in the season (usually between September and October) huge female white sharks can also be seen at Guadalupe. Contact us today for more info!

Giant pacific manta ray while diving in Socorro Island Mexico
Giant pacific manta ray while diving in Socorro Island Mexico

Sea of Cortez

Season: June – November
Known For: Abundance & variety of life
Marine Life: Whale sharks, sea lions, huge schools of fish, schools of mobula rays

Deemed “the world’s aquarium” by none other than Jaque Cousteau himself, the Sea of Cortez is known for the diverse range of aquatic life it is home to. While diving the Sea of Cortez, you can expect to see everything from tiny nudibranchs and blennies to giant whale sharks as well as huge schools of mobula rays, octopus, eels, mantas, and horn sharks. Several species of whales and dolphin are frequently spotted in the Sea of Cortez, which is also home to some very friendly and curious sea lions who seem to love playing with divers. Contact us today for more info!

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