Meet the Oceanic White Tip Sharks of Cat Island

The elusive Oceanic White Tip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) tops many divers’ bucket lists. Whether it be their telltale long white capped fins, their gracefulness as they move through the water, or the centuries of sailor lore surrounding these feared pelagic predators. Adding to their appeal, there are only a couple of places in the world that offer high chances to see this beautiful yet critically endangered shark. In most of these places, you’re considered lucky to spot 1 on a dive; seeing 2 or 3 is like winning the lottery. But what if we told you we have found a place where you can see upwards of 6 or even 10 at once, curiously circling around you in crystal blue warm waters? Welcome to Cat Island…

Get ready to join us on April 23-30, 2023, for an exclusive trip for only 5 lucky divers to experience the Oceanic White Tip Sharks of Cat Island. This trip will sell out, so sign up now. Scroll down for more details on the trip, or check out our special Above & Below Photography Workshop scheduled for April 16-23, 2023. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or at +1-973-619-9976 with any questions or to reserve your place today.

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Whitetip sharks cat island
whitetip sharks cat island

The Expedition

Encounters with the Oceanic White Tip Shark are truly spectacular, and Cat Island is the best place to find them. These sharks call the wide open ocean their home and must remain on the move since they can’t pump water over their gills. As such, our dives will be ‘blue water dives,’ which means we’ll be drifting over the open ocean with only a buoy as a reference. This is an experience unlike anything else because of the insane clarity of the water and the high probability of seeing Oceanic White Tip Sharks.

Our expedition starts at the Greenwood Resort where Jay Clue, award-winning underwater photographer, conservationist & leader of Dive Ninjas, will show you the best of this remote paradise. The first day will be relaxed as people arrive and check-in. In the evening, Jay Clue will explain everything to expect for the expedition. Each day will be filled with good food, diving in crystal clear water, and gorgeous pink sand beaches. The Bahamas is full of other incredible creatures, so you never know what else we’ll encounter during our explorations!

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Accommodation & Operations

Located on the eastern edge of the Bahamas, Cat Island makes you feel like you’ve been transported back in time to before the Bahamas became a tourist destination. Unlike its bigger brothers, the island is very quiet, with only a few developments on the entire island. For this trip we will be staying with our friends at Greenwood Resort. This family-run hotel is located on miles of untouched pink sand beaches with coral reefs at its doorstep. The patio at the hotel restaurant is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise from the Atlantic while having a morning coffee. Between dives, you can snorkel the local reefs, cool off in the pool, or lounge on the beach or in the tropical gardens found all around the hotel grounds.

All hotel rooms have air conditioning, hot water, private ensuite bathrooms, and private patios. Single supplements are available to upgrade to a private room for the length of the trip.

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cat island diving expedition
cat island diving expedition
scuba diving with white tip sharks