The Shark Research Trip is now sold out, but you can still join us for our Great Hammerheads Mini Trip on December 12-16, 2022! Only 2 spots left!

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Bimini Shark Research Expedition

Have you ever dreamt of being a shark scientist? Working hands on with these remarkable creatures to protect them so that future generations can experience their mystique and beauty. This December we want to make that dream a reality. We have teamed up with our friends at the world renown Bimini Shark Lab, one of the top shark research centers on earth, to bring you a very unique & handcrafted shark filled expedition.

Dive Ninjas is putting you in the shoes of a shark scientist blending cutting-edge research with close-up encounters and fun research activities. Then after learning & working side by side with the experts at Shark Lab, we’ll celebrate by diving with one of the most sought after species of sharks on earth – the elusive Great Hammerhead! Bimini is one of the only places earth you can get up close encounters with these mysterious giants.

Join us in the Bahamas December 9-16, 2022 for a very unique research experience with the world renown Bimini Shark Lab. This is a limited offer trip with only 8 spaces available! Or if you can’t make the full trip, join us December 12-16, 2022 for our Great Hammerheads Mini Expedition! Scroll down for more details on the trip, then register online now to secure your space.

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Trip Quick Facts

  • Be a shark researcher!
  • Great Hammerheads & Tiger Sharks!
  • Includes roundtrip flight from FLL
  • 8 nights Accommodation/ 7 Days Activities
  • Airport: Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL)
Diving with great hammerheads in Bimini, The Bahamas. Photo by Jay Clue, Dive Ninja Expeditions

The Shark Research Experience

Our trip kicks off at Fort Lauderdale airport where we will be met by your ninja trip leader; conservationist & award winning photographer — Jay Clue, before boarding a private charter flight (included in your expedition price) to Bimini Shark Lab. Soon as we touch down we’ll get settled in and start our first shark research activities. We’ll experience some of the islands best and lesser known shark activities like visiting tiny shark pups in a mangrove nursery, encountering the islands elusive juvenile black tip sharks, and so much more! Plus we’ll be learning directly from the incredible research team at Shark Lab with talks & workshops on topics such as; how to do a shark work up session, how & why they tag sharks, why Bimini is such a hot spot for shark research, and so much more.  And these aren’t just classes where you watch the pros do all the fun stuff, instead you will be actively involved and working with the scientists. And when we’re not involved in activities you’ll have time to chat and share stories with the incredible shark scientists and ocean lovers that make Bimini Shark Lab one of the best in the world.

After 4 full on days of working with sharks we will hop over to North Bimini for some well deserved relaxing and fun dives. But this is Dive Ninjas, so you know it’s not going to be some basic reef dives! Instead, we will be diving with the rare Great Hammerheads that visit Bimini every winter. We can see upwards of 10 individual great hammerheads on a dive. Coming face to face with these massive 4+ meter long giants is an experience you definitely won’t soon forget. Plus we’ll have the chance to see tiger sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks, bull sharks, and more! After an incredible 8 days on this shark filled island we’ll say our good byes and hop back on our private charter flight to Fort Lauderdale.

Supporting Shark Research & Conservation

This special expedition helps Shark Lab to keep doing the incredible work they have been doing for the last 30 years. The charter flight we use from FLL helps them bring important supplies in from the mainland. The cost of your ticket price goes to helping fund their research efforts and projects. We will also be holding some fun games to help raise money to support the critical work Shark Lab is doing. On top of all this, Dive Ninja Expeditions will be making a donation on your behalf to name a shark in honor of everyone that is joining this expedition. 

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This unique trip takes place in 2 different areas of Bimini. We will begin our trip staying in South Bimini by Shark Lab at their guest houses, then on December 12 after finishing up our shark research experience we will make a quick 10 minute transfer over to North Bimini for the Great Hammerhead dives. In North Bimini we will stay at the historic Bimini Big Game Club. This is a beautiful hotel located right on the marina with the dive center on the property. 

Shark Lab is located in a remote part of South Bimini, so to make things logistically easier they will prepare all of our meals while staying with them. We’ll be staying in a traditional Bimini guest house with a beautiful deck to relax and take in the fresh Bimini air in the evenings. Once we finish the research portion of our trip we will take a quick hop over to North Bimini and check into the Bimini Big Game Club hotel for the rest of the trip. This puts us closer to the area where the Great Hammerhead dives take place and right next to the dive center, so that we can spend our last couple days relaxing with great hammerheads and enjoying the crystal blue waters & white sand beaches of North Bimini. All accommodations have WiFi and air conditioning.

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